Checked baggage charges at the airport

If you haven't added any checked baggage to your booking, and you arrive at the airport with checked baggage, charges will apply:

  • There is a charge for up to 15kg of baggage allowance per passenger.
  • After that, there is a per-kilo charge for every additional kilo.

If you have added checked baggage to your booking but arrive with more than your allowance, you'll be charged for excess baggage at the per-kilo rate.

If you have connecting flights with a domestic and international leg, you’ll be charged at the international per-kilo rate for the whole journey.

To avoid these charges, make sure you’re aware of the limits for carry-on and checked baggage. And remember, it's best to add checked baggage to your booking before you fly.

For up to 15kg of checked baggage you’ll be charged:


up to 15kg of checked baggage

Domestic Australia and New Zealand AUD $60 / NZD $60
Domestic Vietnam USD $16/ VND 360,000₫
Domestic Japan JPY ¥2,600
International flights with Jetstar Asia (Excluding flights to Australia) USD $40 / SGD$60 / VND 725,000₫ / THB ฿1,400 / TWD $1,400 / HKD $320 / JPY ¥5,000 / IDR 400,000 Rp / PHP ₱2,200
International flights with Jetstar Japan HKD $320 / JPY ¥5,000 / TWD $1,400 / PHP ₱2,200 / CNY ¥250 / USD $40
International flights with Jetstar Pacific USD $40 / VND 730,000₫
Flights between Australia and New Zealand with Jetstar Airways AUD $75 / NZD $75
International flights with Jetstar Airways (excluding flights between Australia and New Zealand) and Jetstar Asia Flights to/from Australia AUD $100 / NZD $100 / USD $100 / SGD $100 / THB ฿2600 / IDR 1,025,000 Rp / JPY ¥8,500 / VND 1,750,000₫

The charge per kilo for excess baggage is as follows:

Domestic excess baggage

Flights within

Amount per kg

Australia AUD $15
New Zealand NZD $15
Vietnam USD  $2.50 / VND 45,000₫
Japan JPY ¥800

International flights within Asia excess baggage

Flights departing from

Amount per kg

Singapore SGD $20
Indonesia IDR 150,000 Rp
Japan JPY ¥1,500
Vietnam VND 320,000₫ / USD $15
Thailand THB ฿600
Malaysia MYR 50
Hong Kong HKD $120
Taiwan TWD $600
Philippines PHP ₱650
China CNY ¥100

International excess baggage

Flights departing from

Amount per kg

Singapore SGD $25
Australia AUD $25
New Zealand NZD$25
Japan JPY ¥1,500
Indonesia IDR 200,000 Rp

All charges above are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT). Amounts will be in the local currency of the applicable airport.

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