You can include oversized items in your checked baggage allowance, provided each piece is packed correctly and does not exceed more than 32kg. If you’re travelling with an item that exceeds 32kg, it will need to travel as freight. Please note, there are specific requirements for musical instruments.

The maximum size your baggage can be depends on the limitations of the plane you’re flying on. Our fleet includes a range of different aircraft types, all of which have slightly different limitations on the weight and size of baggage they can carry.

Check the carrier and aircraft type before booking your flights to make sure your oversized item is within our size limits. Please note, the length restrictions below include the packaging of the oversized item.

Oversized baggage size limits


Aircraft type 

Maximum length

Jetstar Airways (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K)
and Jetstar Japan (GK)

A320, A321 and Q300


Jetstar Pacific (BL)

A320, A321


Jetstar Airways (JQ)

Boeing 787


For journeys with multiple carriers and aircraft types, the lowest maximum length applies. The combined weight of your oversized items and baggage must be within your checked baggage allowance or excess baggage fees will apply.

We will make all reasonable efforts to load your oversized items on the same flight as you, however we cannot guarantee this due to loading restrictions that may apply to your flight.

We’ve compiled some specific information about the items we’re most commonly asked about: