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^ Save 25% on selected 3 and 4 night stays offer applies to hotels sashed with "25% off" at Save 25% offer ends 23:59 (AEST) 31 May 2016. Discount is off the usual, non-sale rate for the same room type (and any inclusions), as offered by at that time on that day. Additional occupants and optional extras are charged at full rates and are not eligible for the discount. Limited availability during peak periods such as school holidays, major events and public holiday weekends. Offers are subject to availability and cannot be combined with any offer. Minimum night stays and black out dates apply, check the hotel terms and conditions when you book. Bookings made as part of this offer are non-refundable. Changes and cancellations incur a fee of 100% of the booking. Click on the conditions link of each property for more details. Changes, cancellation or post-booking inquiries must be made on 1300 722 327.