• Activate your card

    Once you receive your Cards you will need to activate the first Card using the following steps:

    1. Click on the ‘Activate’ button below and follow all the prompts to activate your Card.
    2. Once you have activated the Card, make sure you log in and set your PIN.

    You need to follow these three steps when activating your second Card or replacement Cards.


  • Putting money on
    your card

    To add funds to your Jetstar Travel Card*, simply login to your chosen online bank account from anywhere in the world and use BPAY® to transfer money to your card. BPAY® makes loading and reloading your card easy. Your Jetstar Travel Card can hold up to A$25,000. Your BPAY® details are on the back of your card. Please ensure that you have registered for BPAY® with your financial institution. 

  • Choosing currencies

    In addition to your AUD wallet, you can create currency wallets in up to eight different currencies: US Dollar; Euro; Great British Pound; New Zealand Dollar; Hong Kong Dollar; Singapore Dollar; Canadian Dollar; Japanese Yen.

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  • Paying for things

    Whether you are in Singapore, Hong Kong or New Zealand, you can use your Jetstar Travel Card wherever Master Card is accepted electronically. This includes withdrawing ATMs, spending in-store or purchasing online. Like a credit card, just press ’Credit’ when making a transaction. If your card is lost or stolen, you can put a stop on it immediately by phoning our call centre which is available 24/7

*A first load fee and reload fee apply, see the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

  • Managing your card

    To learn how to manage multiple currencies on your card, visit this page.

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  • FAQ’s

    To help you with your queries, visit our FAQ page.

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