Got something big and unwieldy to take on your trip? Oversized items can be included in your checked baggage allowance – provided there is enough space available on your plane. The maximum lengths will depend on what plane you’re flying on (check your itinerary to find out).

  • On A320, A321, Q300 or B737 aircraft, the equipment (including bag) must be 1.9 metres or shorter
  • On A330 or 787 aircraft, the equipment (including bag) must be 2.77 metres or shorter
  • There are specific requirements for musical instruments

If your journey has multiple flights and aircraft types, you should conform to the smallest limit.

Please also note:

  • No single item can weigh more than 32kg
  • Combined weight of all your baggage (including oversized) must be within your baggage allowance
  • Checked baggage is not included with Economy Starter fares. For other fares, check how much baggage allowance is included: Is checked baggage included in my fare?
  • You should pack bulky items appropriately before you arrive at check-in

At Jetstar, we’re used to transporting all sorts of large items people like to take on trips, and as long as they are within size and weight restrictions, and they're not items we suggest you leave out of your checked baggage, we’re happy to have them on board.

We’ve compiled some specific information about the items we’re most commonly asked about: