with kids

Our travelling with kids section is a handy resource for parents and children flying with us. An easy guide to our family-friendly services and policies, it is also loaded with helpful tips for mums-to-be and parents travelling with their children. Everything from exchanging money to changing nappies. There’s even some advice for kids on coping with your parents on a holiday!

Travelling with babies

  • Take a soft rug or lambskin for baby to sleep on
  • A favourite sleeping toy or familiar blanket can add extra comfort on board
  • Try to stick to your home sleeping routine on the plane
  • If you’re bottle-feeding, invest in a set of disposable bottles with sterile plastic liners.
  • A collapsible stroller is great for speedy flight transfers or an impromptu snooze. Take the stroller on-board Jetstar A330 flights if it’s under 100x25x23cm. The stroller forms part of your carry-on baggage allowance so remember to check your carry-on limits.
  • When you can’t take a stroller on board consider bringing a secure baby carrier or sling that’ll easily fit into your carry-on baggage. A baby sling or papoose can be used in the airport and, during boarding and disembarkation. They must not be used in-flight. A secure baby carrier or harness can be used during boarding and disembarkation and in-flight when the seatbelt sign is off.
  • Ask the cabin crew to keep your meal warm until there’s an easy time to eat
  • A change of clothes for you and your baby in your carry-on baggage can make you feel fresher when you arrive
  • Help your baby’s ears to adjust the change in cabin pressure by feeding during take off and landing
  • Cabin air can be dry, keep your baby hydrated during the flight
  • Take more nappy disposal bags than you normally need, they’re handy for all sorts of storage and waste


Travelling with toddlers

  • Save your kids’ favourite stories as audio books
  • Bring a cup with a spout to help stop spills
  • Try to stick to your home sleeping routine on the plane. Read a book, sing a song or have their favourite toy ready
  • Games are a great distraction. On international Jetstar flights we offer iPads full of games and entertainment. Fees apply
  • Book your seat near the back so it’s just a short trip to the toilet
  • Pack a spare set of their clothes in your carry-on baggage
  • Kids get baggage allowance so spread what you need across their bags and yours
  • An elastic loop around your child’s favourite toy prevents it getting left behind

Travelling with school aged kids

  • Scrapbooks and glue provide a great distraction and a handy way to create a souvenir of your trip
  • Games, TV and movies are a good distraction. On international Jetstar flights we offer iPads full of games and entertainment. Fees apply
  • Books and stories about your destination add a bit of learning to your journey
  • Between mealtimes and when you’re in the air, let the kids stretch their legs and have a wander around
  • Remember to put distractions away during the safety demonstration