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Our travelling with kids section is a handy resource for parents and children flying with us. An easy guide to our family-friendly services and policies, it is also loaded with helpful tips for mums-to-be and parents travelling with their children. Everything from exchanging money to changing nappies. There’s even some advice for kids on coping with your parents on a holiday!

When you arrive

Disembarking in a new place can be very exciting – especially for the kids. It can be really handy to know where you’re going next when you have children with you. We have collated some helpful information about the destinations we travel to, for you and your family to plan ahead.


Not only are airports a necessary part of flying but they can also be a welcome break for families on long trips. Ideal for kids to stretch their legs, and families can use change rooms, take showers, have a rest or sleep, shop or enjoy a meal. We fly to destinations all over Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and have information about the airports so you can plan your trips better. When you arrive with your family it can be handy to know where the nearest bathrooms are, as well as services like taxis and car hire.

Taxis and restraints

We fly to most Australian States and Territories and to a number of countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Rules and regulations regarding child restraints differ greatly between destinations, and may be different from the last time you were there with your family.

We suggest you check for the most up-to-date information before you travel so you can be prepared.

For domestic destinations try Taxi or Government websites or even local tourist bureaus

For overseas destinations check with the relevant consulate or embassy.

Car hire

If you are planning to hire a rental vehicle at your destination, here are some useful tips especially for families.

Special Jetstar rates from Avis & Budget

Jetstar has arranged with 2 of the most popular car rental companies, Avis & Budget to provide you with great car hire rates. Before you book make sure you check out the great specials available.

These specially negotiated rates are now available for you to book online on the cars page of Jetstar’s website.

Making the reservation

  • Make sure you get the right size vehicle for your needs.
  • Consider if you’ll have enough room if you require child safety seats.
  • If you’re travelling with prams etc., consider the amount of boot space you will require.
  • Avis & Budget have a wide range of current-model vehicles available, however it is a good idea to consider a full-size car or 4WD when travelling as a family.
  • For larger families, the 8-seater Toyota Tarago Van is a good option.
  • Remember to also book your child safety seats and/or Portable GPS units if required when you book your car.
  • If booking a child safety seat, call the rental location with the details of your child’s age and weight to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.
  • The purchase of excess reduction insurance is recommended for peace of mind.
  • If you’re thinking of picking up the car at one location and returning it to another location (one-way rental), check with the rental location at the time of booking for details.

Collecting the rental vehicle

  • Have your drivers licence and credit card ready when you pick up your vehicle, as both of these are required to collect the car.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you can also purchase excess reduction insurance for peace of mind. Ask the friendly Avis or Budget staff for more details.
  • Check the car for any damage before leaving the premises, and advise staff if you have any queries or issues.
  • Take the time to familiarise yourself with the car. Avis & Budget staff are delighted to help with any queries (big or small) you may have.
  • Local maps and street directories are available at all Avis & Budget locations, if you require any assistance with directions please ask their staff or alternatively add a portable GPS unit to your rental for stress-free travel (available at selected locations).
  • If you have requested a child safety seat, it will be fitted in your vehicle, however it is your responsibility to check it is secure before you leave.
  • You’re responsible for paying all tolls whilst driving the vehicle, if you’re unsure about the local roads and tolls just ask the friendly Avis or Budget staff for more details.
  • If renting a car from Avis, don’t forget to ask for your holiday voucher book and get great discounts off major tourist attractions and much more.

Driving the vehicle

  • If you have rented a portable GPS unit, it is recommended that the unit and its accessories are never left unattended in the vehicle. Please take the unit with you, as you are responsible if it is not returned with the vehicle.
  • In the case of an emergency, roadside assistance is available from both Avis & Budget. Details will be provided when you pick up your vehicle.
  • Remember you’re responsible for paying all tolls whilst driving the vehicle.

Returning the vehicle

  • Make sure you return the vehicle on time, as additional charges may apply if you’re late.
  • It is recommended that you return the car with a full tank of fuel, as the re-fuelling charge when you return the car empty can be costly.
  • Check the vehicle to ensure you’ve taken all of your belongings – remember to check under the seats, in the glovebox and in the boot.

Reward partners

Avis & Budget have a range of reward partners you can earn points with each time you rent, including Qantas Frequent Flyer points. Contact Avis or Budget for details of other reward partners.