Booking your Tickets

At Jetstar we offer simple, comfortable travel experiences throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Many of our team are parents themselves and travel with their own kids. So they understand. We have a great team of professionals both in the air and on the ground.  Our flight attendants are warm, friendly and extremely attentive, always aiming to provide a travel experience that is refreshing and enjoyable.  We want you and your family to enjoy flying Jetstar so much that you do it more often!

Booking your tickets

Parents are busy. We know that. So to make your life a little easier we’ve developed a simple, fast and flexible online booking system. If you would like assistance booking your flights simply call the Jetstar Telephone Reservation Team on 131 538*.

At Jetstar we don’t just offer great value flights – we also offer great value holidays. Our dedicated Holidays Team can take care of all your vacation needs – flights, accommodation, car hire, even theme park passes. They can recommend family friendly hotels and activities for the destination you are travelling to. Call them on 131 538 to have your family holiday taken care of in one phone call.

Kids under 2 fly free on domestic and trans Tasman flights

Kids under 2 can fly for free on Jetstar’s domestic and trans Tasman services.

At Jetstar, our fares are consistently low so that families can travel together more often. For babies and infants who don’t need a seat on any Jetstar domestic or trans Tasman flight our fare can’t get any lower. If they’re under 2 years old and you’re happy to nurse them on your knee, they travel for free. On international services an infant fare is payable at the time of booking.

Cuddling with your kids is great but travelling with them sitting on your lap is not always the most comfortable. It’s worth considering purchasing a seat for your infant, especially for long haul flights. They do however need to be able to sit upright unaided, or you can bring an infant car seat for them to travel in.

If your child has turned 2 years old they require their own seat for safety reasons, so you’ll need to purchase a full fare for them.

To request a bassinet on your international flight (only applicable on flights operated by Airbus A330 aircraft) call our Telephone Reservation Team on 131 538. There are limits on how many we have on each flight.

Age counts

Airline age limits can be a bit confusing so here’s a quick rundown for flying with Jetstar:

  • We call children under 2 years infants. Infants who don’t need a seat may travel for free on our domestic and trans tasman services. International flights will incur a small fee per infant.
  • Anyone 2 years or older needs an allocated seat and must purchase a full fare.
  • All infants must be accompanied by an adult (15 years or older) or their mother.
  • If an infant is less than 3 months old they must travel with a parent or legal guardian.
  • If an infant is less than 7 days old we need a letter from their doctor confirming fitness to travel.
  • The airline does not have the systems, staff or facilities required to assume responsibility for assistance and supervision of unaccompanied minors. For full details click here.

Make sure your kids take their International Student Identity Card (ISIC) away with them. It’s endorsed by UNESCO and will get them great discounts all over the world.

Seats and bassinets

When you’re travelling with your family it can be handy to be able to request your seat ahead of time. Jetstar allows you to request your seats in the booking process.

If you would like to request a bassinet for an international flight (only applicable on flights operated by Airbus A330 aircraft or Boeing 787** aircraft) or an anchor strap for an infant car seat, please call our Jetstar Reservations on 131 538. There are limits on how many we have on each flight.

Here’s some insider info on the best seats for families:

  • The back rows are right near the bathrooms. Close for speedy nappy changes, and ideal for kids and mums-to-be.
  • Aisle seats are great for mums-to-be. You can get up and down without squeezing past other passengers, and can ask for assistance more readily.
  • Window seats are perfect for entertaining younger children. If you’re sitting next to them you can also keep them from wandering around the cabin without you.
  • Rows are handy to keep an eye on your children. They can also chat, pass food and toys easily and get up and down without disturbing other passengers.
  • Blocks of seats are good if you have older kids who are too cool to sit with mum and dad.
  • Infant car seats need to be attached to window seats, and cannot be in emergency exit rows.
  • Parents with young children cannot sit in emergency exit row seats, which include all Extra Leg Room seats.

Let us know in advance if you are planning to use an Australian infant car seat in-flight. There are limits on how many we can have on each flight.

School holidays

Everyone loves a school holiday. They are our peak times, with Australians making the most of their children’s vacations to spend time together. Naturally Jetstar flights are often booked-out well in advance.

For school term and holiday dates for all States and Territories visit the Australian Government website.

HOT TIP: Try having your vacation outside normal school holidays. We often have great sales on flights and holiday packages during off-peak times. Avoid the holiday mayhem and save.

* Telephone bookings attract an additional booking fee, per flight booked. Telephone booking fees do not apply to Jetstar Holiday bookings. See our fare types page for the fee amounts.