Checking in

At Jetstar we offer simple, comfortable travel experiences throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Many of our team are parents themselves and travel with their own kids. So they understand. We have a great team of professionals both in the air and on the ground.  Our flight attendants are warm, friendly and extremely attentive, always aiming to provide a travel experience that is refreshing and enjoyable.  We want you and your family to enjoy flying Jetstar so much that you do it more often!

Checking in should be an exciting beginning to your family trip. So at Jetstar we make it as smooth as possible for you and your kids. You can request your preferred seat, change your mind up to 24 hours before you depart, and even check in–all online. You can also request bassinets and organise approval for your infant car seat beforehand by calling 131 538.

Make sure you leave yourselves enough time to get the car packed, drive to the airport, find a park and check in. If you’re parking in long-term parking it can take some time to transfer to the terminal depending on which airport you are flying from. As a parent you know that everything seems to take twice as long with kids. Allow extra time and you can all arrive at the airport relaxed and happy.

Remember, strict check-in time limits apply on all Jetstar flights.

Cabin baggage

Cabin baggage allowances apply to all passengers with an allocated seat. So kids can bring their own bags or backpacks with the things they’ll need to keep them entertained. It makes them feel more independent and takes the pressure of their parents’ hand luggage too. See our cabin baggage page for more details.

For parents on international flights you can take a collapsible pusher on board if it is no bigger than 100x25x23cm. This will, however, form part of your cabin baggage allowance.

The comfort of your infants is important to us. We are happy for you to bring essential items on-board; things that you will need for the duration of each flight, like bottles, sipping cups, nappies, baby-food, milk or formula and a change of clothes, so long as they are included in your carry on baggage allowance and comply with our regulations and weight limits.

Liquids, Aerosols and Gels

For all passengers travelling in and out of Australia there are limits on the amounts of liquids, aerosols and gels you can bring on-board. All of these items must be in containers 100ml or less, and all of these containers must be presented to airport security in a single clear, re-sealable plastic bag no bigger than one litre. However, for parents travelling with infants, you can still bring whatever milk, formula and baby food you need for the flight. For further details and updates on regulations click here.

HOT TIP: Buy your kids a backpack or cool trolley bag for their own stuff. They’ll feel very grown-up.

Bulky Items

All the extra gear can make travelling with kids feel more like you’re moving house than going on a holiday. Strollers, car seats, toys, bottles, nappies, kitchen sink. Whether it’s for the weekend or a month, there are things you just need. At Jetstar we’re happy for families to take these essential items, especially things that are going to make the holiday more comfortable and safer. Here’s a list of the bulkier things families can check on Jetstar flights without attracting excess baggage charges:

  • Strollers or pushers
  • Porta-cots and bedding
  • Infant car seats
  • Portable high-chairs

Anyone who has paid for a seat is entitled to 10kg of hand luggage. Another great reason for purchasing a ticket for infants.

HOT TIP: Make sure that your stroller and porta-cot lock shut to minimise risk of damage in transit.

Strollers and pushers

We understand how indispensable compact strollers or pushers can be on holiday. Most parents with small children wouldn’t dream of going away without one. Nor should they have to. At Jetstar we’re happy for you to bring one along in addition to your regular baggage allowance.

On domestic and Tasman flights you must check pushers or strollers in with your other luggage. Larger pushers can travel as ‘special luggage’. Make sure it clips shut so it’s easier to handle.

For your convenience parents can bring a fully collapsible pusher on-board our A330s (International long haul flights) so long as it is no bigger than 100x25x23cm.

HOT TIP: While we always do our best to ensure your luggage arrives safely, sometimes strollers can be damaged in transit. Protect your stroller by placing it in a bag or in plastic wrap.

ID and Security

When your family checks in for a domestic flight, you need to produce either your itinerary or your ID with your name on it. We may require proof of age for infants travelling for free if we believe they may be older than two years.

For Australian domestic flights departing from International terminals all family members over the age of 18 years need to provide us with acceptable photographic ID.

These are the only acceptable forms of identification, all of which must be valid at the time of travel:

  • National Passport; or
  • Motor Vehicle driver’s licence issued under a law of the Commonwealth of Australia or of an Australian State or Territory
  • A document that identifies you, issued by either the Commonwealth of Australia, an Australian State or Territory or an authority of those
  • Aviation security identification card issued by the operator of the aircraft or the operator of an airport in Australia.

Children and infants travelling with an adult must be recorded on the back of their parent or guardian’s boarding pass.

For our international flights all parents are required to have a valid passport, with the required validity period for the trip. If you are Australian, your children require their own passports. It is your responsibility at all times to have appropriate travel documentation and entry permits such as visas. Some countries may require proof of onward or return travel and 6 months validity on your passport.

From check-in your family proceeds to airport security. For parents travelling on an international flight with baby food, milk or formula it’s a good idea to have it all together in a bag to present for inspection.

HOT TIP: Buy a cheap money belt or bum bag to keep your family’s ID, tickets and valuables in at the airport. It will help keep your hands free for wrangling kids and baggage and you can pack it away when you’re on-board.