Get on Board

At Jetstar we offer simple, comfortable travel experiences throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Many of our team are parents themselves and travel with their own kids. So they understand. We have a great team of professionals both in the air and on the ground.  Our flight attendants are warm, friendly and extremely attentive, always aiming to provide a travel experience that is refreshing and enjoyable.  We want you and your family to enjoy flying Jetstar so much that you do it more often!

We aim to make your family’s flight as enjoyable as possible. Consistent with our ’pay for what you use’ offer we have a host of on-board services for you to choose from to make your flight more pleasurable. We also have some helpful advice so your family can be better prepared for the trip. So get on-board.

Kids ears and tears

Changes in cabin air pressure may cause earache or discomfort to your children. It can be really disconcerting if they have never experienced it before. But it’s simple to avoid or fix. Give babies and infants their dummy or something to drink. The swallowing reflex helps their ears to ’‘pop’. For nursing mums, breast-feeding your child during takeoff and landing can be an easy solution. Older children can chew lollies, drink or blow their noses.

HOT TIP: If earache is causing your infant to cry, let them. It’s a really effective way for kids to equalise. And don’t worry about what other passengers are thinking. Plenty of them are parents too.

News on nappies

All Jetstar planes have bathrooms fitted with baby change tables and disposal chutes to make changing your infant’s nappy easier and safer. The seat tray tables are designed for eating off and are not safe or hygienic substitutes for change tables. Changing nappies on seats is unsafe as well as unpleasant for other passengers and is therefore not permitted.

Please always change your infant in the bathrooms.

Always bring spare nappies for your infant as we do not carry a supply on board.

HOT TIP: Bring more nappies than you think you’ll need. Changes in diet and eating habits can sometimes upset tummies and Jetstar do not supply nappies on board.

Pillow talk

To help you stay warm and comfortable on our international flights we provide blankets and pillows, which you can pre-pay or rent on-board. For domestic flights you will need to bring blankets and pillows for your family, as we do not carry them on shorter journeys.

HOT TIP: Blow-up pillows are great for a quick powernap or catching some ZZZs after an early departure. And they pack away really easily.

Onboard entertainment

We’ve got four words for you: Are we there yet? The anthem of bored kids the world over. At Jetstar we know how important it is to keep children entertained on flights, especially on longer overseas trips.

We have a range of movies, cartoons, music videos and favourite TV shows for kids to watch on portable Video on Demand units. We offer entertainment for all ages including infants, older children and teenagers. Of course there are also a stack of recent releases there for mum and dad to catch up on.

If your family is travelling StarClass our cabin crew will bring you Video on Demand units after takeoff. If you’re flying International Economy you can either rent them on-board when they’re available, or book and pay for them when you organise your flight. You can also rent Video on Demand units on-board all our domestic flights, if they are available.

Of course on our international flights we also play a range of free movies and TV programs on the public screens. You can purchase reusable headphones to listen to them or our free audio programs.

We are very happy for you to bring your own portable DVD unit and DVDs on-board so the kids can watch their favourite programs. We just ask you to be mindful that there are times such as takeoff and landing when these need to be turned off because they could interfere with our navigational instruments. You will also need to bring your own headphones, for the comfort of other passengers.

HOT TIP: If you have more than one child bring extra headphones and an audio jack that allows them to listen to their portable DVD player together.

Feeding the family


At Jetstar we welcome mothers to breastfeed their babies in their seats whenever it suits them.

We only carry small sachets of UHT milk to serve with tea and coffee, so if your baby needs bottled milk during the flight you will need to bring your own milk. The same applies for baby formula, as we don’t carry formula of any kind on-board.

Our International cabin crews are happy to assist in heating up baby bottles when time permits, however not during food and drinks service. Please be aware this takes some time because our planes are not fitted with microwave ovens.

Unfortunately, heating bottles is not possible on domestic flights.

Parents should come well stocked with any baby food their infants may need for the flight, as we do not sell baby food on-board.

Also, Jetstar planes are not fitted with fridges, therefore we are unable to store perishable food items for you during the flight.

Children and grown ups

For the rest of your family we offer a range of refreshments and it is a good idea to pre-order and pay when you book your flight. Whilst you also have the option of ordering on-board, we only have a limited supply on each flight and some refreshments can become unavailable. You can also bring your own food on board. We encourage parents to bring healthy snacks and treats for their kids to keep them amused and happy.

HOT TIP: Some countries like Australia restrict the importation of certain foods. Remember to clear out the half eaten snacks in your kids’ bags.

Seatbelts and car seats

The safety and comfort of your family are paramount to us. At Jetstar we offer a range of options for parents to restrain their children on-board.

Whichever car seat, harness or restraint you use your child must be restrained whenever the ‘Fasten Seatbelts’ sign is on. We recommend that you and your children leave your seatbelts on whenever you are sitting in your seat. It means we won’t need to wake you in case of unexpected turbulence.

Infant slings / papooses

Baby carriers and slings are terrific in the terminal to free up your hands and settle your baby but they are unsafe to use on-board the aircraft. They are not designed as a restraint.

For safety reasons you are not permitted to use an infant sling while you are on- board any flight. We do, however, have a range of other alternatives that comply with safety standards.

Infant seatbelts

If you are nursing an infant we provide Infant Seatbelts that connect to your own. These are to restrain kids whenever the ’Fasten Seatbelt’ sign is on. As you board let our crew know that you’re travelling with an infant on your lap and they will explain how the Infant Seatbelt works.

Infant car seats

We are more than happy for you to bring an infant car seat for your child to travel in, so long as it meets with regulatory requirements. We have Customer Service Officers and Passenger Service Managers who are responsible for inspecting the seats and approving them. You will need to advise Jetstar that you are bringing an infant car seat at the time of booking as there is a limited number of anchor straps available on each flight.

You can bring an approved infant car seat on board in addition to your carry-on luggage allowance. If your car seat is not approved it needs to be checked in with your other luggage, but does not attract extra baggage charges.

Different car seats attach in different ways so we have separate procedures for each type.

Australian-designed car seats

Please note: Jetstar Asia and Valuair flights cannot accept Australian-designed car seats on board the aircraft. All Australian-designed car seats must be checked in on Jetstar Asia and Valuair (3K/VF) flights.

If your infant car seat is Australian designed you need to book by calling the Jetstar Telephone Reservation Team, on 131 538. The seats require a top attachment and there are only limited numbers available on each flight. They also need to be located on a window seat and not in an emergency exit row.

To be approved by Jetstar the car seat needs to:

  • Have an Australian Standard Sticker AS1754 attached
  • Fit on an airline seat
  • Allow the seat in front to recline
  • Be in good condition, showing no signs of damage

If the child weighs more than 18kg they cannot fly in an Australian designed car seat. You need to book them a normal fare

US-designed car seats

If you have a car seat designed in the US it needs to:

  • Comply with the US Standard FMVSS213
  • Have a FAA (Federal Aviation Association) sticker that reads, ‘Certified for motor vehicles and aircraft.’
  • Be in good condition, showing no signs of damage
  • Be positioned on a window seat, not in an emergency exit row

Other car seats

If your infant car seat was designed in a country other than Australia or US, its suitability will be assessed on the design and condition. It is required to:

  • Have a well defined shell that is connected securely to any under-structure
  • Have a single release harness that secures your child’s lap belt, and torso and shoulder traps. It cannot be unreasonably easy for your child to undo
  • Have straps that are at least 2.5cm wide
  • Have strap adjusters that need upward lift to release
  • Be in good condition, showing no signs of damage
  • Be quick and easy to secure or remove your child
  • Be located on a window seat, not in an emergency exit row
  • Conform to NZ Standard 5411 (for New Zealand designed seats)
  • Conform to European Standard ECE4L (For European seats)

Rear facing seats

Generally we don’t give our approval to rear-facing car seats. They usually inhibit the seat in front from reclining. We can approve your rear-facing car seat if a family member or friend sits in the seat in front and is happy for their seat to remain upright for the flight. If your rear-facing seat is Australian designed the top restraint points are usually too far for the straps to reach.

Booster seats

It isn’t safe for infants and small children to sit on booster seats or cushions during takeoff and landing. The rapid shifts in speed can cause these items to slip out from under them and make the seatbelts ineffective.

HOT TIP: Have a baby carrier ready to use in the terminal during transit or if you need to check-in your stroller.

CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) restraint

The safety of our aircraft, staff and our passengers is of the highest priority at any stage of the Jetstar journey. Travelling with kids is no exception. Jetstar accepts the use of CARES restraints on flights operated in Australia. Known as the CARES restraint (Child Aviation Restraint System), this product has been endorsed by the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the NTSB (National Transport Safety Bureau) for carriage on aircraft and is the only commercial restraint device to be certified by the FAA as an alternative to a car seat.

While Jetstar welcomes the CARES restraint on board, our crew cannot assist with fitting the restraint in-flight. Our crew will ask the travelling adult to ensure the restraint is used in line with its original operating manual. We ask that the restraint remains in its original manufactured condition, including all labels.

CARES is designed specifically for aviation use for children age one and older who weigh between 10 kg (22 pounds) and 20 kg (44 pounds). It is a belt-and-buckle device that works in conjunction with regular aircraft seat belts without interfering with the tray table behind.

Please note: CASA does not approve or endorse the CARES restraint but rather accepts the FAA approval under CASR 21.305(d) and 21.502.