You have landed

At Jetstar we offer simple, comfortable travel experiences throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Many of our team are parents themselves and travel with their own kids. So they understand. We have a great team of professionals both in the air and on the ground.  Our flight attendants are warm, friendly and extremely attentive, always aiming to provide a travel experience that is refreshing and enjoyable.  We want you and your family to enjoy flying Jetstar so much that you do it more often!

This time when the kids ask, "Are we there yet?" you can say, "Yes!" Time to gather up all their things from the overhead locker, seat pocket and under their chair. There is something exhilarating about arriving in a new place. So much to see. So much to do. It can sometimes be a challenge to get your bearings, especially with excitable children in tow.

Here are a few ideas that might make things a bit easier.

Here to help

Travelling with families can present all sorts of unexpected challenges, especially when you arrive in a new city or country. Not sure where your connecting flight leaves from? Want to know where to collect your pusher? Wondering what the weather is like so you can dress the kids? Just ask one of our dedicated cabin or ground crew members. They are all trained professional customer service experts and will assist when they can.

HOT TIP: Make a hand baggage checklist with your older children. They can help by ticking things off with you as you prepare to disembark.

Collecting baggage

On the way to the baggage carousels is an ideal time for the family to think about a trip to the bathroom­–before you have to contend with your luggage too.

At the carousels younger kids will love to play ‘spot the suitcase’, especially if your bags are an identifiable colour. Try tying a bandana or ribbon around the handle for quick identification. Any larger items such as portable cots, prams, bedding, skis or surfboards can be picked up from the ‘Special Luggage’ desk. If you gate-checked your stroller you can also collect it there.

HOT TIP: On an international flight, if you have anything to declare at customs remember to keep it readily accessible. Pack it in a side pocket or on the top of your suitcase contents. Pulling everything out of your case at customs and then repacking it with the ‘help’ of your child is not an ideal way to end a holiday.