with kids

Kids, this section is just for you! Here you’ll find some great ideas about going on holidays with your family, plus some fun stuff to do while you’re there.

No parents allowed

Stuff to take with you

When you’re flying with your family remember to bring:

  • Your iPod or MP3, for when you don’t want to talk to the person next to you. It’s also handy for listening to people when they think you can’t hear!
  • Something chewy to help your ears ’pop’ when you’re taking off and landing
  • Your own bag, so you have your stuff handy and your parents don’t make you use a trolley bag – not cool
  • Your second favourite t-shirt, because you know your favourite one is going to get dirty
  • Your tablet and headphones so you can watch your own stuff
  • Books, magazines and handheld games to stop you getting bored
  • Maps and travel guides so you can find fun things to do on holiday
  • Snacks for the trip
  • Your camera (or borrow your parents)

Survival tips

Other kids have gone on holidays with their parents – and survived. Some even had a good time. Here’s how they managed it:

  • If you’re flying with both your parents suggest that they book seats in front or behind you. They can sit together and you can look like you’re travelling alone
  • Make sure you get the window seat, you’ll get the best view
  • Make a playlist the same length of your flight
  • Set up an email address so you can keep in touch with your friends. Remember to add all their addresses before you go
  • Help plan the trip so you can include some cool places that you want to visit
  • Take a journal or a blank book to write notes and stick interesting stuff into

Fun activities

Remember to print these before you leave!

Colouring in

Join the dots


Beach scene (PDF 64KB)


Hawaii (PDF 456KB)

Easy(PDF 240KB)

Cityscape (PDF 97KB)


Angel (PDF 456KB)


Intermediate 1 (PDF 248KB)

Captain Jetstar (PDF 50KB)

Dinosaur (PDF 256KB)

Intermediate 2 (PDF 268KB)

Jetstar plane (PDF 34KB)

Mermaid (PDF 400KB)

Hard (PDF 388KB)