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Notes and request during Ise-Shima summit.

Last Updated: 16/05/2016 04:18 PM

As a result of the G7 Summit being held at Ise-Shima on May 26 and 27, security measures will be strengthened at the Japanese airports used by Jetstar and their surrounding areas on and around these dates.

We expect connecting ground transportation and airport security inspections to become congested during this period, so we ask all customers planning to take Jetstar flights from Japanese airports to allow for extra time to get to the airport and to clear security as early as possible.

Please note that security at Chubu Centrair International Airport will be especially strict. Please see below for details:

Chubu Centrair International Airport (website)

: Aichi Prefectural Police TEL: 052-951-1611
Aichi Prefectural Police Ise-Shima Summit Security (website in Japanese)

(Last updated: 13 May, 2016 16:40)

Information on flights affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake and on changes and refunds for ticket

Last Updated: 17/04/2016 07:23 PM

As employees of Jetstar Japan, our heartfelt condolences go out to those affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake.

Kumamoto Airport terminal building is closed due the earthquake and all Jetstar flights in/out of Kumamoto airport are cancelled from 17 to 18 of April as below.

Flights Cancelled





















Jetstar Japan’s Kyushu region flights other than Kumamoto will be operated as scheduled (as of 17th 17:00). However, there is a possibility that aftershocks may have an impact on our operations. For the latest operational situation, please check our website here.

There has been an impact on transportations to airports. Please check the status of roads and other transportation beforehand, and leave enough time to get to the airport.

In light of the situation and to help affected customers, customers flying in/out of below airports, please see below.

<Kumamoto / Fukuoka / Oita / Kagoshima Airport>
Customers flying in/out of Kumamoto / Fukuoka / Oita / Kagoshima by flights departing up to April 22
- Can cancel flights with no handling charge
- If customers change the date of these flights to 28 April or earlier, Jetstar will not charge flight change handling fees or flight fare difference.

<Matsuyama Airport>
Customers flying in/out of Matsuyama by flights departing up to April 22
- If customers change the date of flights in / out of Matsuyama airport to 28 April or earlier, Jetstar will not charge flight change handling fees or flight fare difference.
- Customers postponing these flights until after April 29, can change without handling fees. However, differences in flight fare will be charged.

For more information, please contact our call centre.

Depending on the certain time of a day, it may take longer to connect to the call centre. If so, please redial after waiting for a while or please send us an inquiry through our website form.

Jetstar will keep providing low fares to our customers, and will do our best to contribute to people affected by the earthquake.

(Updated 17 April, 2016, 18:15)

Notice to Passengers on Jetstar Japan Flights from Hong Kong International Airport

Last Updated: 18/02/2016 07:21 PM

From 23rd Feb, our international flights depart from Midfield Concourse which locates beyond the terminal 1 via airport shuttle.

We kindly request all passengers please proceed through check-in as early as possible and clear security checks and immigration, to ensure arrival at the boarding gate in time.

Thank you for choosing to fly with Jetstar Japan and we are looking forward to seeing you on board.

(Last updated: 18 February 2016 at 17:00)