Travel Alerts

Holiday travel tips

Last Updated: 24/12/2016 06:02 PM

As the New Year holiday is a very busy season, please ensure to check in on the Web or your mobile phone, available for Domestic flight until one hour before departure, and if you print your boarding pass or get mobile boarding pass and don’t have any checked in baggage, you can go straight to the boarding gate.

Also for International flight Web check in available until two hours before departure and boarding passes for international flights will be issued at the airport counter, even if you have checked in on the web. (Please see our web-site for more detail.)

Check in counter and baggage drop for Domestic flight is closed 30 minutes and for International flight is closed 45 minutes before departure time. If you do not check in before the closed time, you won’t be able to board your flight and you may lose your fare in full.

We recommend arriving at the airport early to allow enough time to make your way through the airport, taking into consideration clearing airport security.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jetstar Japan