At Jetstar, no matter what kind of airfare you’re travelling on, we believe in providing you with the best flight experience possible. This includes giving you the option to choose the extras you want added to your base fare.

Read on to find out all about the fantastic in-flight offerings, including food, drinks and entertainment, available on selected Jetstar flights.


Allocated seating

All passengers will be allocated a seat for a Jetstar flight but we do have several options available for you to choose a seat preference.

Want a window or aisle seat?

For just a little extra per flight, JetSaver Light and JetSaver passengers can choose where they would like to sit, from any available standard seat. JetPlus, JetFlex and StarClass passengers can request any standard seat for no extra charge, subject to availability.

Extra leg room seats

JetSaver Light, JetSaver and JetPlus passengers can purchase extra leg room seating in selected exit row seats. To sit in these seats, you will need to meet the exit row seating requirements listed below.

JetFlex passengers can request any exit row seat for no extra charge, subject to availability. JetFlex passengers requesting an exit row seat must also meet the requirements below.

Exit row seating requirements

In order to sit in an exit row seat, you must satisfy the following general criteria. You must:

  • Be at least 15 years or older.
  • Be able to understand and carry out instructions.
  • Not be travelling with someone who may require your assistance in an emergency.
  • Not have any permanent or temporary impairment (e.g. deafness, hearing impairment, blindness, vision impairment, any strength or mobility limitation, intellectual impairment or be travelling with a service dog).
  • Be able to check outside conditions and react to crew commands.
  • Be able to reach, open, lift and throw out the 15kg (approx 33lbs) exit door in an emergency.
  • Acknowledge the exit row briefing given by Cabin Crew once onboard the aircraft.
  • Be willing to assist in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Not be seated with an infant.
  • Not require the use of an extension seat belt.
  • Not be elderly.

How much more extra leg room do I get?

On A320 and A321 aircraft, you will gain an extra 8 inches (20 cm) of seat pitch and on an A330 aircraft, an extra 17 inches (38 cm) of seat pitch.

Terms and Conditions of paid seat requests

Any paid seat requests are non refundable and non transferable (unless a permitted name change is performed on the booking).

In the event of a flight disruption or schedule change, Jetstar will attempt to seat you in your requested seat, or an equivalent seat, but cannot guarantee that such a seat will be available on your new flight. You may also be required to move seats for operational reasons.

If, in accordance with the JetSaver or JetSaver Light fare rules, you choose to move to a different flight, you will be offered an equivalent seat if available at the time the change is made. However, if an equivalent seat is unavailable, Jetstar will not provide a refund of the additional amount paid.

If a higher fee for a paid seat request applies when you change your flight, you must pay any applicable fee difference.