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Jetstar announces new interline agreements with global carriers Media Release

The Jetstar Group has added seven new interline partners from Asia, Europe and the US in 2013, which is helping to drive passenger growth on Jetstar networks from partner airlines.

SingaporeChina Singapore 02 September 2013
Jetstar Hong Kong announces Pansy Ho as Chairman Media Release

Jetstar Hong Kong CEO Mr Edward Lau said the Chairman appointment would provide an enhanced level of local expertise as the carrier moves through the regulatory approval process.

Hong Kong Hong Kong 23 August 2013
Survey reveals Hong Kong’s demand for LCCs Media Release

Nearly 70 per cent of Hong Kong residents surveyed recently said they intended to travel on a low cost carrier (LCC) in the next 12 months despite LCCs only representing six per cent of all flights into and out of Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong Hong Kong 21 August 2013
Shoes for Planet Earth expands thanks to Jetstar grant Media Release

Jetstar’s Flying Start program awards $30,000 to Shoes for Planet Earth Grant will provide more shoes to those in need Australia-wide Travel awarded to Shoes for Planet Earth will be used to fly more shoes to more communities Jetstar today announced...

Australia Sydney 15 August 2013