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Megan and Kelly dream of winning the first ever season of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. Join them on their journey as they battle other talented Kiwi teams to show off their combined cooking skills, against the clock, to impress the judges and deliver knockout meals.

From Hawkes Bay, Kelly and Megan are the Hawkes Bay Sisters. They’re perfectionists who love to cook with a creative twist. What they lack in practicality, they make up for with innovative ideas in their cooking. Both love to cook organic and whole foods without skimping on the taste. They follow a holistic and chemical-free lifestyle, which is reflected in the dishes they plate up. Despite the odd quarrel, Kelly and Megan’s secret ingredient is that as sisters, they can get through anything. And their favourite destination…action packed Queenstown! Watch the clip below and see why for yourself.

Take Megan and Kelly’s lead and experience Queenstown, find flights below:

MKR New Zealand - Queenstown