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Dan and Christie dream of winning the first ever season of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand. Join them on their journey as they battle other talented Kiwi teams to show off their combined cooking skills, against the clock, to impress the judges and deliver knockout meals.

Newlyweds Dan and Christie hail from Dunedin. The rock star and the midwife, they’re one of the sweetest couples you will ever meet. High school sweethearts and newly married, Dan and Christie are banking on their solid partnership being an asset in My Kitchen Rules NZ. Dan and Christie are as passionate about food as they are about each other, and they are ready to show just what creative and dynamic cooks they can be. With kind words to say about their fellow competitors, Dan and Christie might try and fly under the radar unlike other dinner guests. But with a quiet confidence shining through, Dan and Christie will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with. And their favourite destination…their home town, Dunedin! Watch the clip below and see why for yourself.

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