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Boarding with SMS on Jetstar

To help us arrive at your destination on schedule, you must be checked-in for your flight on time. To make the process as simple and convenient as possible, we now offer a range of check-in options. For domestic flights, check-in before you arrive at the airport by using our web check-in or auto web check-in service, printing your boarding pass and bringing it to the airport. If you’d rather check-in at the airport, use our state-of-the-art kiosks and avoid the queues, or visit one of our Jetstar check-in counters.

Jetstar is giving its customers even more choice for travel by offering the ability to use the revolutionary SMS boarding pass technology each time they travel.

Eligibility to use SMS Boarding Passes:

SMS boarding passes are currently available for:

  • Bookings that contain 1 passenger
  • Customers travelling with a JetSaver Light fare (and does not need to upgrade and check-in baggage at the airport)
  • Travelling on a Domestic flight within New Zealand
  • Bookings that do not contain a request for special assistance at the airport
  • Bookings that do not contain an infant travelling
  • For bookings that contain an infant travelling, Jetstar provides free check in of baby accessories such as a pram or portable cot and we require you to come to the check in desk to ensure we can make your flight as easy and comfortable as possible.

Registering and receiving SMS

Register for SMS by:

Selecting automatic check-in through the booking process online at;

Checking in online within 48hrs prior to flight departure.

What does SMS technology
mean for you?

  • You no longer need to print your boarding pass before you arrive at the airport;
  • SMS technology works on every phone (not just smart phones); and
  • It’s a faster, simpler and more convenient way for you to travel on Jetstar.

Receive your SMS:

You will receive a single SMS boarding pass, to which you will need to present when at the airport.

SMS Boarding on Jetstar

  1. Go directly to your departure gate;
  2. As you begin to board, scan your SMS message face up in the mobile scanner;
  3. Collect printed boarding pass; and
  4. Board the aircraft.


Please make sure your carry-on baggage is within the dimensions below and does not weigh more than 10kg in total.

If you bag exceeds these limits, you will have to check it in at least 30mins prior to departure and fees may apply.