In-flight health

As your health and wellbeing are always our highest priority, if we’re not completely confident that it is safe for you to fly, we may not let you board the aircraft.

Before you make a reservation please tell us if you suffer from any illness, disease or other condition, which could make it unsafe for you or other passengers if you fly.

Medical clearance

Generally, most medical conditions shouldn’t stop you from flying, but for certain conditions or incapacities we will need you to obtain a medical clearance before your booking can be confirmed.

We recommend that you first read the Medical Clearance Guidelines to see if your condition is likely to prevent travel or require a clearance, and also how to obtain that clearance.

Please note: Passengers who require medical clearance will not be permitted to travel on Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights

Acute allergy sufferers

Unfortunately Jetstar cannot guarantee an allergy free environment on board our aircraft. In particular, we are unable to provide peanut-free flights, as it’s impossible to prevent other customers from bringing their own peanuts or peanut snacks onto the aircraft.

Jetstar Cabin Crew are not trained to administer adrenalin or any other medication. Please pack the medical supplies you need for your journey in your carry-on baggage.

Contagious and communicable diseases

If you have a contagious or transmittable disease, we can’t let you travel with us until there is no longer a risk to other passengers.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Some studies have found that lack of movement over time could contribute to blood clots forming in the legs (DVT - Deep Vein Thrombosis). If you feel you could be at risk from DVT or other health problems, see your doctor before you travel.

Travelling with medication

We recommend that you pack all essential medication in your carry-on baggage, or at least enough to last one week, so that you can access it if you are unexpectedly separated from your checked baggage at any point in your travels.

Medication should have a professionally printed label that identifies the medication, or a manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label. Security or customs officers may request proof of the need for medication.

If need to carry hypodermic needles on board, please ensure you declare this at the screening point and, where possible, provide documentation or identification to confirm your medical condition.


If you are pregnant and intend to fly we recommend that you discuss your travel plans with your doctor before you fly – particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.

We do not represent that travel is safe for you at any particular point during your pregnancy. You must seek advice from your own medical practitioner. The periods referred to below are only our minimum requirements.

Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant passengers. Check with the relevant embassy or consulate before you travel to confirm any further limitations.

What medical documentation is required if I am pregnant?

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy and are travelling in your first 28 weeks of pregnancy on a Jetstar flight you do not need to carry any medical documentation with you.

Mandatory requirements after 28 weeks of pregnancy*

If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant, you must carry a certificate or letter from a registered doctor or registered midwife, dated no more than 10 days prior to travel confirming:

  • the estimated date of delivery;
  • whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy;
  • that there are no complications with the pregnancy
  • and that you are fit to travel

The certificate or letter must be available on request and be carried with you at the airport and during the flight in your cabin baggage.

* Except when travelling on Japan domestic flights operated by Jetstar Japan (GK), if you are more than 35 weeks pregnant you will need to meet the above requirements for travel.

What if I have complications with my pregnancy?

Medical clearance is required if your pregnancy is not routine or has complications. Please click here to access the travel clearance form.

Permitted Travel:
Flights of less than 4 hours duration

  • Single pregnancy – can travel up to the end of the 40th week of pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancy – can travel up to the end of the 36th week of pregnancy

Flights of 4 or more hours duration

  • Single pregnancy – can travel up to the end of the 36th week of pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancy – can travel up to the end of the 32nd week of pregnancy

A Special Note for Jetstar Pacific Passengers

Passengers seeking to travel on Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights who are 36 weeks pregnant or above will be refused carriage.

After Delivery

Medical clearance is required if you are travelling up to 7 days after your delivery date. Infants cannot travel for at least 48 hours after delivery and require medical clearance to travel between 3 and 7 days after delivery.


Passengers who are more than 28 weeks pregnant are not permitted to sit in an exit row seat onboard any Jetstar aircraft. Generally a person in their third trimester of pregnancy (that is, after 28 weeks) is not able to reach, open, lift and throw out the 15kg exit door in an emergency, particularly without risking injury to the fetus and/or passenger.