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Hong Kong Holidays

Destination: Hong Kong

Introducing Hong Kong

Like a shot of adrenaline, Hong Kong quickens the pulse. The vistas alone stir the blood: skyscrapers march up steep jungle-clad slopes by day and blaze neon by night across a harbour forever crisscrossed by freighters and motor junks. Above streets teeming with people and traffic, sleek luxury boutiques and five-star hotels stand next to ageing tenement blocks and traditional Chinese shops.

Hong Kong rewards those who grab experience by the scruff of the neck, who try that bowl of shredded jellyfish, who consume conspicuously, who join the shouting punters at Happy Valley as the winner thunders to the finish line. It rewards those with a sense of adventure, who’ll explore centuries-old temples in half-deserted walled villages or stroll surf-beaten beaches far from neon and steel.