Travel oxygen

When you intend to bring, or need, travel oxygen you’ll need to submit a travel clearance form.

You’ll need to submit a travel clearance form at least 5 business days before your flight.

A320, A321 and 787** aircraft

We do not supply travel oxygen on A320 and A321 aircraft. You can bring your own oxygen if it conforms to Jetstar’s specifications. It must be a personal size C oxygen bottle supplied by either BOC, Air Liquide or Supagas oxygen cylinders for in-flight use. Each oxygen cylinder must be carried and restrained in an approved BOC Gases Oxycare Travel Pack or the Air Liquide Heathcare Carry Bag. It’s your responsibility to return the cylinder to its supplier.

A330 aircraft

Travel oxygen is available to purchase for use on A330 aircraft. You must pre-order the oxygen at least 5 days before departure and, if required, book additional seats for the cylinders. You cannot bring your own personal oxygen on board A330 aircraft.

Oxygen Concentrators

We’ll accept portable oxygen concentrators on Jetstar flights as long as you have prior approval from Jetstar.

CPAP Machines

CPAP machines are usually operated by an electric or battery power supply.

  • Electric CPAP machines cannot be used onboard any Jetstar flights
  • Battery operated CPAP machines can be used onboard as long as you get medical clearance first.

You can bring electric or battery CPAP machines onboard in your carry-on baggage without medical clearance so long as you don’t use it and it is within size and weight restrictions