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Create a booking

The best way to book Jetstar flights is online, here is at This is where you’ll find our fantastic every day low fares, some amazing sale fare and also avoid any offline booking fees. Of course, if you’d prefer to talk to someone about your booking, you can always phone our friendly Reservation Centre.

In this section we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to book online, how to make changes to your booking and how to make group bookings.

You can search for flights and create a booking with Jetstar following these simple steps:

1. Search

In the search box titled ‘BOOK FLIGHTS’ on the left hand side of the page, select either a return or one way flight option, enter your origin, travel destination and preferred travel dates as well as the number of adults and children travelling.

2. Select flights

All the Starter fares available on your specified travel date will be displayed. You’ll also be able to view fares available three days before and three days after.

Once you’ve selected your flight(s), your BOOKING SUMMARY will be displayed on the right hand side of the page. Read this first to make sure all the details are correct. If you need to make changes, just select a different flight.

After selecting your flight you will be able to see what the Starter fare includes and details on other fares, such as Plus and Max bundles. You can upgrade your fare if you wish by adding a bundle to your booking.

Click on the fare rules under each fare type if you need more information about your fare and to check your fare inclusions.

If you’re happy with your flight details, scroll to the bottom of the page and check the booking summary carefully. Next, select CONTINUE to proceed with the booking.

3. Passengers

You will need to enter the details of all passengers travelling on your selected flight(s). The name must exactly match what appears on the passenger’s passport (required for international travel) or other acceptable ID (for domestic travel.)

You’ll need to select whether you require specific assistance.

For checked baggage, a 20kg baggage allowance is pre-selected for all flights. If you do not want any checked baggage, select ‘No thanks’. If you want a different allowance, choose from the drop-down menu.

Next, you will need to fill in all of your contact details. Please review your details to ensure they are accurate, especially email and mobile phone.

At the bottom of the page, ‘Save my contact details and sign me up for My Jetstar’ is pre-selected. Subscribe to JetMail is also pre-selected. If you don’t wish to be signed up for these services, click on the check box to remove the tick.

Select CONTINUE at the bottom of the page to proceed with your booking.

4. Seat selection

You will be given the option of selecting your preferred seat, including upfront and extra room seating. Depending on your fare, a small charge may be added onto the cost of your booking. Select ASSIGN & CONTINUE for your booking to be updated.

If you don’t want to choose a seat, select SKIP SEAT SELECTION at the bottom of the page.

5. Payment

You’ll need to select whether you require specific assistance or travel insurance. There are also a number of optional extras available, such as Carbon Offset and Auto Web Check-in, depending on your flight. Charges may apply and will be added to the cost of your booking.

At the bottom of the page select your payment method from the options of Card, Voucher, Internet Banking (POLI) or Direct Deposit.

6. Confirmation

Once your payment has been processed you will receive an on-screen confirmation message which includes your Booking Reference number in the top left hand side of the page. We recommend that you print this confirmation page.

Jetstar is a ticketless airline; however you will be sent an Itinerary and Tax Invoice via email, once your payment has been confirmed. If you plan to check-in at a Jetstar counter at the airport, print out the Itinerary to show a Jetstar representative. You’ll also need to bring the correct identification. For some international destinations, you may need to show proof of onward or return travel, so bring all of your itinerary details with you. See our international check-in page for more information.

If you don’t receive your Itinerary Receipt within 24 hours please contact Jetstar Reservations.