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From wine and cheese to a kids’ snack and activity pack or a full roast dinner, we offer a variety of in-flight meals. Menus vary depending on flight length, aircraft type and destination – short flight dining focuses on light bites while long-haul international flights feature two meal services to keep you satisfied.

Food isn’t included with our Starter fares, but you can still pre-purchase a meal on selected flights, or choose from the onboard menu. (If you’re flying on international Jetstar Airways (JQ) and Jetstar Japan (GK) flights, pre-purchase your meals as they aren’t available for sale on board.) With any of our bundles, you’ll have food and drinks or in-flight vouchers included, except on New Zealand Q300 flights less than 45 minutes duration and on Jetstar Pacific (BL) flights.
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Cheese and biscuits? Steaming noodles? Find out what’s on the menu for your next flight.

Kids Snack and Activity Pack

On selected flights, we have meals and snacks the kids will love – and an activity pack for extra fun!
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Business Class dining

Indulge in deluxe meals, gourmet snacks, our award-winning wine list and coffee by Grinders.

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