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Lost and damaged baggage

We do our absolute best to ensure that your baggage is delivered on time and in the condition received.

If you arrive and discover your carry-on or checked-baggage is lost or damaged, go to the Jetstar baggage counter or service desk and let us know right away. You can also call us on the local number below or complete the baggage enquiry form

Check the status of your delayed bag or update your details

Baggage services contact numbers


1800 687 374


Toll free number 4001 201 451

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

(08) 844 6725 (local number)


Toll free number 
001 803 852 9778 / 001 803 61 332

New Zealand

0800 700 730


Toll free number 
800 852 3632


Toll free number 00801 856 694


001800 611 2961 (calling from Thailand only) 

US (Hawaii)

Toll free number 
1 866 562 4240

All other countries 

+613 9645 5999 or via Skype: jetstar.airways


You will need to make a claim in writing and within the time limits imposed by legislation and international conventions governing airline liability:

Australian domestic flights:

  • 3 days for damaged baggage
  • 21 days for delayed or lost baggage

International flights:

  • 7 days for damaged baggage
  • 21 days for delayed or lost baggage

Flights operated by Jetstar Pacific (BL):

  • 24 hours for damaged baggage
  • 3 days for delayed baggage from when the baggage is made available to you

If you make a claim involving damaged baggage we may need to see the item before the claim can be approved. Submit a baggage claim or make an enquiry in writing through our baggage enquiry form.