Internet banking

For some bookings with Jetstar you can choose to pay with internet banking. Once you’ve selected and reserved your flight or holiday, log into your internet bank and arrange a direct debit payment. Bookings must be made in Australian or New Zealand dollars.

We accept payment from some Australian and New Zealand banks, make sure yours is eligible.

How to book

  1. Select your flight or holiday and follow the steps to book. For a guide on booking see Create a booking
  2. Proceed to the payment page and choose to pay with direct deposit. Please note this option will only be presented if your booking is made more that 14 days prior to departure.
  3. Once you’ve completed all booking steps, you’ll reach the confirmation page. That means we’ve put your booking on-hold. Print or save the page and make a note of your booking reference number.
  4. Arrange to pay for your booking with internet banking. Payment must reach us within three days of booking. You booking is not secured until we’ve received payment and, if we don’t receive payment within three business days, we’ll cancel the booking. We recommend arranging payment as soon as you book.

How to pay with internet banking

Step 1

  1. Log in to your internet banking service.
  2. Go to your payments or transfers page and prepare to make a payment to Jetstar. You may also need to add Jetstar as a payee.
  3. When prompted, enter Jetstar’s payment details:

Look for these fields in your internet banking service

Enter the following details into each field:

Bank account name or Payee

Jetstar Airways

BSB number or BSB

Australia only: 063-000

Account number or Payee account number

Australian bookings in AUD only: 10955200
New Zealand bookings in NZD only: 

Description, comment or reference

Your booking reference or PNR

Find these details on the confirmation page of the booking process.

Step 2

  1. On the payment details page enter the six characters Jetstar booking reference number from your confirmation or tax invoice. It’s best to cut and paste this number.
  2. The booking reference number must be entered into the field that will appear in Jetstar’s account so we can identify your booking. In your internet banking payment details the field may be called the description, comment or reference.
  3. Do not add any other details into this field. If the booking reference is incorrect the payment won’t be processed.

Step 3

Enter the full amount of your booking and complete payment. If you have multiple bookings you must make separate payments for each booking reference number.

Step 4

Once we’ve received payment we’ll send a travel itinerary with a confirmed status. Your booking is only confirmed when you’ve received this itinerary, if you haven’t received it within 5 days of arranging payment, contact customer service.

Jetstar has not completed your booking until you have received an itinerary, even if payment has been processed

We’ll cancel your booking if we don’t receive payment, if payment is not forwarded within three business days or if payment is forwarded incorrectly. Bookings where payment has been made incorrectly will not be reinstated. We will not contact you to advise of cancellation.