Internet banking

You can book with Jetstar and choose to pay with a direct deposit from your bank account, using internet banking. First check whether your bank is eligible .

Here’s what you need to know.

When to book

To pay by direct deposit you must book more than 14 days before departure, in Australian or NZ dollars

When to pay

When you choose to pay by direct deposit we’ll hold your booking for 48 hours. If we don’t receive payment within 48 hours, your booking will be cancelled. We recommend arranging payment straight after you book, to allow enough time for the payment to clear into our account within 48 hours.

How to pay

It is very important that you enter the correct details into your payments or transfers page, or your payment will not go through and your booking may be cancelled.

Please follow the instructions below very carefully.

In this field:

Enter these details ONLY:

Bank account name or Payee

Jetstar Airways

BSB number or BSB (Australia only)


Account number or Payee account number: Australian booking in AUD


Account number or Payee account number: New Zealand booking in NZD


Description, comment or reference

[Your booking reference ONLY – see below]

Entering your booking reference

You’ll find this 6-character number on the confirmation page of the booking, emailed confirmation or tax invoice. We suggest you cut and paste the number to ensure accuracy. It must be added to the field called description, comment or reference so that we can see on our statement which booking the payment is for. If you are not sure which is the correct field, please cut and paste the booking reference number into all fields that may appear on the payee’s statement.

Important: The reference number must be entered accurately into the correct field or your payment will not be processed and your booking may be cancelled. Only the booking reference should be in this field – do not add any other words or details.

Confirmation of your booking

When we’ve received payment we’ll email you a travel itinerary on the next business day. Your booking is only confirmed when you receive this itinerary. If you haven’t received your itinerary within 5 days of payment, contact customer service.

If we don’t receive payment because it is made incorrectly, your booking will be cancelled and not reinstated. We won’t contact you to advise of cancellation.

If you need more information on how to make a booking with Jetstar see Create a booking.