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The best way to book Jetstar flights is online, here at This is where you’ll find our fantastic every day low fares, some amazing sale fare and also avoid any offline booking fees.

In this section we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to book online, how to make changes to your booking and how to make group bookings. Of course if you’d prefer to talk to someone about your booking, you can always phone our friendly Reservation Centre.

Payment methods

Jetstar offers several different convenient payment methods:

Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and UATP are accepted for credit card payment. A Booking and Service fee will apply. If you pay with a Jetstar MasterCard or Jetstar Platinum MasterCard you’ll avoid the Booking and Service fee. View our Jetstar Cards page for more details.

On selected routes, it is a condition of sale, check in and boarding that the original, physical credit/debit card used to purchase the ticket(s) must be presented by the credit/debit card owner for verification at the airport. Where you book travel on these selected routes, you will be informed the need for verification during the booking flow. Prior to check-in, the credit/debit card owner must take the credit/debit card used to purchase the tickets together with his / her government issued identification (such as a passport, identity card or driver’s license) to the Jetstar check-in counter. This requirement applies irrespective of whether the credit/debit card owner is or is not a part of the travelling party. If the credit/debit card is not verified as required, the passengers whose tickets were purchased with that credit/debit card may be denied check-in and boarding at Jetstar’s sole discretion. One verification is required for each return journey.


Vouchers issued by Jetstar can be used for part or full payment of your fare. Please note that vouchers can only be used once and any unused portion of the value of a voucher will be forfeited. No Booking and Service fee applies.

Internet Banking (POLi)

If you choose to pay using our Internet Banking (POLi) option, our payment details will be automatically entered into the relevant payment fields once you log into your online banking facility. No Booking and Service fee applies.

Direct Deposit

You can pay via Direct Deposit using your internet banking account. Simply enter the details below.

Account name: Jetstar Airways

BSB: 063 000 (Australian account transfers only)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 10955200 (Australian account transfers only)

                                Or  12-3113-0105216-01
                                      (NZ account transfers only)

Your booking will remain on hold for 48 hours from the time of booking. Once you’ve made a payment this isn’t confirmation that your booking has been accepted, you’ll still need to check that the payment has been received by Jetstar. Your reservation will be cancelled without notification if a payment is not received.

For more information visit our Internet Banking Instructions page.

Direct deposit is only available up to 14 days prior to departure. If you wish to make a booking to fly within the next fourteen days, please use another payment method.  No Booking and Service fee applies.