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Introducing Taipei

Not too long ago, the valley of the Danshui River was home to rice and vegetable farmers. Today it's the site of Taipei, the bustling centre of Taiwan's commerce, government and culture. Barely a century old, the capital is frenetic, energetic and busy, busy, busy; oh how it's made up for lost time!

Over the last 20 years or so, Taipei has gone from being an ugly duckling of Asia to one of the region’s most dynamic, comfortable and liveable cities. Most important to the intrepid traveller, Taipei is also fun. If you take some time to explore, you’ll find that Taipei is a city that’s managed to strike a fine balance between business and beauty, chaos and convenience.

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Recommended things to do & see

Our top picks for Taipei

Botanical Gardens

A beautiful oasis in Taipei's funky west side, the Botanical Gardens has greenhouses featuring a vast variety of lush plants, literature- and Chinese-zodiac-themed gardens and a marvellous lotus pond.

Children's Recreation Centre

The large Children's Recreation Centre features a 'world of yesterday' with historical Chinese toys and folk arts, and a 'world of tomorrow' with, among other things, a planetarium.

National Taiwan Science Education Centre

If this place doesn't bring out the kid in you, than there's no kid in you to be brought out. The National Taiwan Science Education Centre is one of the coolest children's museums we've yet to find in Asia. Interactive exhibits cover the gamut of scientific knowledge, from anatomy (a walk-through digestive tract!) to zoology (a cat-head-shaped helmet that gives the wearer feline hearing powers).

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