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Auckland New Zealand

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Thing To Do & See

Sky Screamer

Sky Screamer involves being strapped into a seat and reverse-bungied 60m up in the air. Should you hurl, rest assured – you can get a video of it.

Sky Jump

Sky Jump is an 11-second, 85km/h base wire jump from the observation deck of Sky Tower. It’s more like a parachute jump than a bungy and it’s a rush and a half.

Sky Walk

The Sky Tower offers an ever-expanding selection of pant-wetting activities. If you thought the observation deck was for pussies, Sky Walk involves circling the 192m-high, 1.2m-wide outside halo of the Sky Tower without rails or a balcony – but with a safety harness (they’re not completely crazy).

AJ Hackett Bungy & Bridge Climb

The wise men of bungy, AJ Hackett Bungy & Bridge Climb offer the chance to climb up or jump off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Both the 40m bungy leap and the 1½-hour guided tour along the arch (with a harness attached to a static line) cost $120.


Snowplanet is a winter wonderland that allows every day to be a snowy one, with indoor skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding. It’s just off SH1, 8km south of Orewa.

Parnell Baths

Outdoor saltwater pools with an awesome 1950s mural and popular sunbathing areas.

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