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Whitsunday Coast Australia

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Thing To Do & See

Fantasea Adventure Cruising

An Australian tourism eco-certified operator Fantasea Adventure Cruising runs trips out to Hardy Reef in the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park. The sheltered spot has snorkelling with crystal-clear water and hundreds of colourful fish. The full day tours aboard the large, high-speed air-con catamarans include buffet lunch and four hours' snorkelling at the reef. Non-swimmers can still enjoy the reef's bounty from a semi-submersible vessel or seated underwater viewing chamber.

Salty Dog Sea Kayaking

Paddling serenely in search of an island with dolphins and turtles would have to be one of the best ways to experience the Whitsundays. Salty Dog Sea Kayaking offers guided full day tours and kayak rental.

Oz Adventure Sailing

When the weather is cooperating, sailing in the Whitsundays can be about as dreamy as it gets. What is not so dreamy is figuring out which boat to sail. There is a bamboozling array of sailing tours that supply professional crews and catering. Walk down Airlie's main drag and you'll be assaulted by signed specials, once you've figured out what boat you'd like to sail on, you'll need to book through a management company such as Oz Adventure Sailing.

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