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Bangkok Thailand

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Renowned Australian chef and author David Thompson is bringing his Michelin-starred Thai cuisine home to Bangkok. Diners can expect similar interpretations of the classic dishes available at Thompson's London restaurant, as well as sublime Thai sweets prepared by Thompson’s partner, Tanongsak Yordwai.

MBK Food Court

It’s a lot like having all your favourite street-food vendors in one place. There is no need to visit the noodle woman in one street, the fruit-juice man in another and then hike to find a mango and sticky-rice stall. Come early for the popular vegetarian stall.

Le Banyan

Sukhumvit’s trendy diners demand change every six months: new menu, new décor, new chef, anything to chase away restaurant boredom. But for the monogamous eaters who value a stiff-lipped experience, this classy French restaurant proves its dinosaur wisdom with formal efficient service and traditional fare. A lush garden surrounds the charming house illuminated with candles and gleaming wine glasses. The house speciality is pressed duck, but the seared foie gras steals the show.

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