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Bali (Denpasar) Indonesia

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Thing To Do & See

Pasar Badung

A must-see destination: shoppers browse and bargain from 5am to night. It's a retail adventure and you'll find produce and food from all over the island as well as easy-to-assemble temple offerings that are popular with working women. Deals include a half-kilo of saffron for 250,000Rp. Ignore guides who may offer their services. This is one of the better places to see Bali's myriad types of fruit.

Pasar Kumbasari

Across the river from Pasar Badung, this huge market has a profusion of handicrafts, a plethora of vibrant fabrics, and costumes decorated with gold. It's a modern, multilevel building of shops and stalls and you should just plunge at random into the canyons of colour.

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