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Osaka (Kansai) Japan

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Thing To Do & See


Amerika-Mura, which means 'American Village', is a compact enclave of trendy shops and restaurants, with a few discreet love hotels thrown in for good measure. The best reason to come here is to view the hoards of colourful Japanese teens living out the myth of America.

Dōgusuji-ya Arcade

If you desperately need a tako-yaki (octopus ball) fryer (who doesn't?), a red lantern to hang outside your shop or plastic food models to lure the customers in, this shopping arcade is the place to go. You'll also find endless knives, pots, pans and just about anything else that the ironest of chefs could desire.

Kōjitsu Sansō

If you need a new backpack or any other kind of outdoor gear, head to this excellent shop on the ground floor at the northwest corner of the Ekimae Daisan Building.

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