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Sydney Australia

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Thing To Do & See

Let’s Go Surfing

You can hire gear (board and wetsuit one hour/two hours/day/week $25/30/50/150) or learn to surf with this salty Bondi crew. It caters to practically everyone, with classes for grommets aged seven to 16 (two hours $59), adults (two hours $85 to $95, women-only classes available) and private tuition (1½ hours $175). North Bondi is a great beach for learners.

Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail

A 500m underwater chain guiding divers past reefs, sand flats and kelp forests.

Opera House Guided Tours

One-hour guided tours depart half-hourly (you’ll save a few bucks if you book online). Tours employ archival video footage to help tell the story of the iconic building’s construction. A highlight is the Utzon Room, the only part of the house to have an interior designed by the great man himself. For a more in-depth nosy around, the two-hour early-morning backstage tour includes the Green Room and stars’ dressing rooms.

Palm Beach

Capped by Barrenjoey lighthouse, Palm Beach is a meniscus of bliss. Nudists nude-up to the north, million-dollar real estate booms in the south, and cheesy TV soap Home & Away is filmed somewhere in between.


Once only painters and daredevils (including your author!) scaled the Harbour Bridge – now anyone can do it (Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler, Will Smith…). Make your way through the departure lounge and the extensive training session, don your headset, an umbilical safety cord and a dandy grey jumpsuit (Elvis would be so proud) and up you go. Even if you’re afraid of heights, the scariest part is crossing over the grates while under the bridge; on the curved span itself the track is wide enough that you never see straight down. Tours last 3½ hours – go to the toilet before you start the climb.

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