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5 things you didn't think to pack for Japan

25 June 2010

There are some things that are obvious choices from your trip to Japan. Extra memory card to capture all those wild street fashions. Extra suitcase for vending machine trinkets. But tissues?

Insider tips for Japan

25 June 2010

Japan is everything you can imagine, and more – rich culture, profound history, natural beauty, epic shopping, unforgettable cuisine, gracious hospitality... But to experience...

Love factually: love by the hour

9 June 2010

So another Valentine's Day is looming and all those lovey-dovey red roses and teddy bears are sending you into anti-romantic...

Top 10 iconic travel experiences

25 June 2010

Yoga in India, cooking in Hanoi – in an extract from Ultimate Experiences, we find those 10 iconic experiences that are as special...

Extreme cuisine: top 10 'exotic' tastes

Part of travel is coming up against local foods that might raise your eyebrows. Here we take a global trip to those ‘wha?!’ plates, but remember, as...

Staff favourites: Doug's Japan

It's no secret that we all love to travel. We all develop soft spots for particular destinations...

10 ways to kill time at the airport

Your bags have been checked, your boarding pass issued… and now you’ve got hours to wait before getting on your plane. What can you do with an airport...

6 tips for curbing pre-flight tension

25 June 2010

You’ve booked your ticket, flicked through the guidebook and you’re counting the days to the big holiday. But you can’t help feeling just a little nervous. Pre-flight tension or ‘PFT’, affects...

Arrival rituals - think yours are strange?

What’s the first thing Lybian leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi does when he arrives in a new place? He insists upon erecting his tent in his hosts’ lawns to receive guests...

Conquer your fear: 4 tips for solo women travelers

25 June 2010

I used to be scared to travel alone. Now I jump right in. Before spending a year studying in Turkey, I had never traveled solo. But after...

Embrace embarrassment - learn a second language!

25 June 2010

So you wanna learn a second language during your stay abroad? Sure, classes, textbooks and flashcards work – but we’ve got some tips for...

Travel photography: How to photograph people

25 June 2010

Sick of snapshots that are just a bit, well, ordinary? In this article we share tips for capturing the wow factor when you...

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