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Sydney Australia

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Insider tips: Sydney

25 June 2010

Grab yourself a coffee and a bit of local know-how, and you’ll be surfing Sydney’s sinuous curves like a pro...

8 top places to escape Australia’s capital cities

25 June 2010

Every so often we all get that unmistakable itch to flee the city. Lonely Planet author Sarah Wintle picks the best weekend breaks and...

Best of East Coast of Australia

25 June 2010

This classic coastal run takes in thousands of kilometres of coastline. It could take a lifetime or, with just...

Spoil yourself with these great Hotels

A romantic getaway is all about pampering yourself and Australia has some fabulous hotels and resorts where your holiday is all about indulgence. Here are some...

Our 5 favourite carnival spots

It was party time for the Romans. It was party time for the Christians. And it's still party time...

Summer’s best secret: Australia’s winter

25 June 2010

Mark Twain famously said the coldest winter he ever spent was summer in San Francisco. Well, with summer coming, maybe there’s reason to chase winter - down under in Australia?

Roads Less Travelled Australia itinerary

9 June 2010

Experience the magnificent Kimberley in northwestern Western Australia with this trip from Broome to...

10 best family holiday destinations

25 June 2010

Who says that successful travel en famille means a week in the company of a certain famous mouse?

10 best places to have a mid-life crisis

25 June 2010

Looking for a bit of reinvention? In this extract we show you where to shake things up...

10 places that don’t exist (but should)

9 June 2010

We've all read a book or watched a movie and wished the places it transported us to were real.  Some of the most enduring destinations...

Extreme cuisine: top 10 'exotic' tastes

Part of travel is coming up against local foods that might raise your eyebrows. Here we take a global trip to those ‘wha?!’ plates, but remember, as...

Travel photography: How to photograph people

25 June 2010

Sick of snapshots that are just a bit, well, ordinary? In this article we share tips for capturing the wow factor when you...

Reverse-slum tours: the future of travel?

25 June 2010

In 2009, the travel world was rocked by swine flu and ’staycations’, but what about 2010? In an extract we take a look at...

Embrace embarrassment - learn a second language!

25 June 2010

So you wanna learn a second language during your stay abroad? Sure, classes, textbooks and flashcards work – but we’ve got some tips for...

Conquer your fear: 4 tips for solo women travelers

25 June 2010

I used to be scared to travel alone. Now I jump right in. Before spending a year studying in Turkey, I had never traveled solo. But after...

Arrival rituals - think yours are strange?

What’s the first thing Lybian leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi does when he arrives in a new place? He insists upon erecting his tent in his hosts’ lawns to receive guests...

6 tips for curbing pre-flight tension

25 June 2010

You’ve booked your ticket, flicked through the guidebook and you’re counting the days to the big holiday. But you can’t help feeling just a little nervous. Pre-flight tension or ‘PFT’, affects...

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