Passports and Visas

When you’re travelling on a Jetstar domestic flight you may need to show photographic identification. You’ll always need your passport for international flights and may need to prepare other documents too.

Domestic flights

For domestic flights leaving from an international terminal you’ll need to show photographic identification.

You may be asked for identification on any other domestic flight.

Identification required for children and infants on domestic flights varies for each country.

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International flights

For all international flights you’ll need to show a valid passport. Children and infants will need a valid passport too. For some international journeys you’ll need to arrange more documentation such as visas, proof of onward journey or contact details. Your passport may also have a required validity period.

Each country has different requirements for arriving travellers, it is your responsibility to understand and arrange all appropriate travel documentation. Jetstar won’t be able to assist if you arrive at the airport without the necessary documents.

Contact the embassy or consulate of your destination to understand what documents you’ll need. Some visas take time to process so it’s best to arrange your travel documents as early as possible.

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Travel advice

It’s good to keep up to date with the general conditions of your destination to understand how they may affect you. We can’t accurately report on the safety of your destination so it’s best to get travel advice from: