Project details

Location Tasmania
Type Conservation
Owner  Fly Carbon Neutral Program
Verification Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

Your flight emissions offset

This project conserves 7,000 hectares of native forests across the state of Tasmania (Australia), which prevents the carbon stored in the trees from being released into the atmosphere. Without this project, the trees would be logged for timber or cleared for agricultural activity.

Contribution as income

Your Fly Carbon Neutral contribution supports the Tasmanian landowners who conserve and restore the native forests on their land. With your carbon offset contribution as an alternative income stream to logging, local landowners are able to stay on their land and protect the forests from degradation.

Other benefits

Biodiversity conservation

The forest protected by this project is a natural habitat for native endangered species such as the wedge-tailed eagle, spotted quoll and Tasmanian devil. By halting logging activities, the project restores eagle nesting places and creates a safe, lush environment in which a variety of animals can flourish.

Tasmanian devil

With the project's help, critters like the endangered Tassie devil can enjoy a safe and happy home!

Wedge-tailed eagle

Protecting the forest from logging secures valuable habitat for the endangered wedge-tailed eagle.

Eucalypt forests

Tasmania is renowned for its unique species and Australia’s largest tract of temperate rainforest.