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Airbnb has thousands of homes to suit every style and budget, whether you’re looking for a family house in a quiet neighbourhood, a snappy apartment in the heart of town, or a get-away-from-it-all houseboat or farmstay. Book a whole place with a full kitchen, bedrooms for the kids and a nearby playground, or stay with a host and get the best local tips.
And Airbnb's 24-hour customer support is available should you need any questions answered. With Airbnb, it's the place you stay that creates the holiday you want.

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Mia & Carlo's place in Melbourne

Enjoy a family holiday in a family home with everything you need; a kitchen that works, a proper bath, even a yard for the kids to play in.

Brad’s beach pad in Bondi

Check out the surf from your beach house balcony then hit the sand before heading home for dinner at sunset.

Yuki’s apartment in Tokyo

Discover Tokyo's local secrets, like relaxing in a neighbourhood bathhouse and soaking up the magic at street festivals.

Get away from it all on a farmstay near Byron Bay

Sleep on a yacht in Waitemata Harbour


Stay with a local host in the green hills of Ubud

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Any booking made on the Airbnb site is being made with Airbnb. Jetstar is in no way involved in the booking process or the accommodation provided. Airbnb’s Terms of Service govern all bookings made through Airbnb.