On the Ground - Engineers

Safety is our number one priority at Jetstar and our number one team for the job are our Engineers.

Engineering Operations are responsible for ensuring the total airworthiness of our growing fleet of aircraft. This means ensuring all necessary maintenance required is identified, carried out on time and approved for Jetstar operation.

At every stage, all maintenance needs to be documented and detailed records maintained. This keeps our safety standards at the highest level and allows us to ensure that aircraft parts are ordered and available at all times. It’s a highly responsible, thorough and rewarding career path.

Ground staff

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Key functions include:

  • Maintaining aircraft to the highest of standards
  • Ensuring that aircraft are always compliant to safety and regulatory requirements
  • Ensuring that aircraft are maintained in an efficient manner
  • Providing leading-edge technological solutions to Jetstar’s needs
  • Ensuring that aircraft are fully available for operation when required
  • Ensuring that the customer environment and comfort are kept to industry best standards


Customer facing positions are available to handle the day to day management including that of Jetstar staff and/or the Third Party Ground Handlers at the Airport.

Our airport staff are key to ensuring that Jetstar’s brand values are upheld through the delivery of exemplary customer service excellence. 

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