3 of the coolest cocktails to try right now!

We raise a glass to some of the most creative cocktails worth seeking out, from Sydney to Singapore.

Innovative cocktail bars like Maybe Sammy are mixing things up.
  • Kaitlyn Palmer-Allen
  • May 2019

Mixologists are raising the bar with more and more wacky drink combinations at bars around the world. Swap a classic Cosmo for a dash of drama, a shot of crazy and plenty of wow with this selection of interesting cocktails that are served with a twist.

New Frontier

The drink itself is simple – tequila, mezcal, sherry and apple – but a surprise lies inside the clear, pillow-like bag resting on top of the New Frontier cocktail. The bartender pierces and squeezes the bag to release a coffee essence aroma that complements your drink. The bag is then opened to reveal a scratchie that could win you a free bar snack. Try it for the experience.

Where: Maybe Sammy, Sydney – a bar with 1950s style in The Rocks district.

The Peranakan

This cocktail takes inspiration from ingredients used in Chinese and Malay cuisine, blending laksa leaves, pandan, jackfruit, candlenuts and rum with goat’s milk. A topping of blue pea flower, pandan and goat’s milk curd jelly mirrors flavours of local dessert, kueh salat, in a fascinating fusion of tastes. This one's a must-try for its unique ingredients.

Where: Native, Singapore – a cocktail bar that champions local flavours.

Singapore The Paranakan
Singapore The Paranakan

Girl’s Night Out

Gather your girlfriends and order the Girls Night Out, an extravagant sweet treat made with vodka, watermelon, raspberries, violet and rose syrup and citrus. Served on a mirrored platter, it comes with an edible raspberry and Chambord lipstick and Champagne perfume. Pop on your lippy, spritz some scent, then sip and enjoy. It’s the presentation that makes this cocktail stand out.

Where: Om Nom Kitchen, Melbourne – an experimental dessert bar in Aldephi Hotel.