Non-alcoholic gin and boozy kombucha: the new style of drinks trending at the bar

Move over Margarita! Whether it's kombucha going alcoholic or gin going booze-free, these trendy new-age drinks are good - and good for you.

A woman pouring a cocktail
  • Deborah Grunfeld
  • February 2020

Non-alcoholic gin, kombucha with added firepower and a vodka made with hemp. The summer season is a great time to taste-test new refreshments.

Brunswick Aces booze-free gin

If, like many Australians, your New Year’s resolution is to imbibe less, then Brunswick Aces non-alcoholic gin (actually an age-old drink style known as a sapiir) is a guilt-free treat. “The great thing is it is made using the same process as gin, just without any of the alcohol,” says Aces’ Stephen Lawrence, meaning it still has all the aroma and flavours of botanicals without the hangover. Try the Spades blend, a winning hand of green cardamom, native lemon myrtle and parsley notes. opens in new window

Dirty Bucha

Gut-boosting kombucha just got more interesting. Dirty Bucha, a premium range of pre-mixed alcoholic kombucha cocktails, are low-sugar and low-carb flavour bombs – think Ginger Spiced Rum, Tropical Vodka and Botanical Lemon Myrtle Gin. opens in new window

Three bottles of Dirty Bucha
Full of flavour and good for your gut, alcoholic Kombucha is the new age way to drink!

Hemp Vodka

With terroir suited to the environmentally beneficial crop cannabis sativa and the region’s pure water perfect for distillation, where better for a company to manufacture spirits made from hemp than the lush Gippsland hills of Victoria? The Natural Distilling Co’s vodka has notes of lavender and lemongrass and features myrcene, a clinically proven sleep and pain aid.

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