Fail-safe travel hacks that will have you flying like a total boss

A bit of planning and preparing will have you travelling like a seasoned pro.

A woman walks with a carry on bag at an airport.
  • Pilar Mitchell
  • September 2019

Your dates are set, your tickets are booked, your out-of-office is on… now comes the fun part. To make sure your holiday is as seamless, stress-free and smooth as possible, try these clever tips and tricks which help make the most of the trip.

Try travelling with just a carry-on

Yes, you can be one of those people who travels everywhere with just a carry-on. Think about the weather at your destination and what you’re going to be doing. Pack clothes that you can combine into plenty of outfits and wear your bulkiest items – think sneakers and jacket – on the plane. Decant products like creams, shampoos and body wash into travel-sized containers.

But the real secret to a well-packed carry-on is how you organise it. Organisation means packing cubes. Try ones with mesh panels so you can see what’s inside, and include odour-proof compartments to stash dirty laundry.

Plus, Jetstar’s carry-on allowance for entry-price tickets is a generous seven kilograms, so that makes fitting everything into your carry-on absolutely possible.

A floral pink suitcase sits open, filled with clothes, a pair of shoes and sunglasses.
If going on a short trip, travelling with just a carry-on bag is a good idea.

Always weigh your bags at home

If you’re checking luggage, don’t be that person, off in the corner of the airport, suitcase open, putting on five layers of clothes because your bag is two kilos too heavy. Instead, weigh your bags at home and make sure you’re within the weight allowance. Jetstar’s Economy Starter Plus ticket-holders get 20 kilograms of checked luggage. Business flyers get 30 kilograms.

The best way to check your suitcase weight? Weigh yourself, then pick up the bag and weigh yourself again. Some quick maths will confirm packing that fifth pair of shoes was a bad idea.

Don’t board the plane without these essentials

Your passport is a travel must-have of course, but noise-cancelling headphones and hand cream come in a close second.

Headphones are multi-purpose. They block out a chatty (or snoring) seatmate as well as the general din of the aeroplane, and if you’ve got one with good quality sound, you can watch the latest Oscar-winner in surround sound.

Hand cream is essential because dry cabin air will suck all the moisture out of your hands. And as your hands will get dry, so too will your lips, so don’t forget your favourite lip balm.

A man wearing a pair of headphones sits on a plane.
A good pair of headphones are practically an essential in-flight item now.

Prep your tech

The time to download apps is while you’ve got free, fast Wi-Fi at home. Try XE Currency Converter opens in new window for real-time and offline exchange rates. For budgeting, Trail Wallet opens in new window is an excellent way to keep track of holiday spending. Set a daily budget and get alerted when you’ve overspent. Google Translate opens in new window is handy for navigating the local language, and Google Maps will make sure you never get lost down a laneway in Hanoi’s old town. Plus, make sure you have the Jetstar app on hand. You can use it to check in, get real-time flight updates, use it as a mobile boarding pass, and when you get home - to search for bargains and book your next holiday!