The holiday beauty tips and products you need to know about

Celebrity makeup artist Micheal Brown shares his top tips for easy, fuss-free holiday make-up and the best product picks.

Woman applying make-up
  • Penny Carroll
  • December 2019

Want to put your best face forward on holiday without all the fuss? Celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown shares his tips for on-the-go glow.

Pack face oil and serum

To play up that holiday glow, add a face oil and serum to your kit, says celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown. The serum can be mixed into foundation for lighter coverage, while you can use a face oil under makeup to create radiance. “The cheekbones are where dryness can be very obvious, so if you just dab a bit of face oil around that area it looks really glowy,” Michael explains.

A serum droppet
Serum can be mixed with foundation to create radiance.

Bring a bold lipstick

Need to get ready for dinner in a snap? An easy way to glam up your look is to add a swipe of bold lipstick, says Michael. “Red, pink or even an orangey peach is so popular now,” he says. “And it’s great if you’re using just a bronzer because the bright lip won’t compete with the eye makeup.” Instead of simply applying the lippie straight from the tube, Michael suggests dabbing it on with your ring finger to create a stain. “It’s a great way to make it last longer and it doesn’t look as intense.” You can also use any leftover lippie on your fingers to add a little colour to the apples of your cheeks.

… And a multi-tasking lipgloss

Heading to a festive event and need some shimmer and shine? Share your lipgloss with your eyelids. Michael says a light-coloured lipgloss with a bit of gold sparkle through it can double as eyeshadow. “It will dress your eyes. If you use the right lipgloss and it’s not too runny, it works beautifully.”

A selection of lipglosses
Lipgloss can double up as a dewy eyeshadow on holiday.

Get double duty out of a bronzer

The secret to hassle-free holiday makeup is a good bronzer, says Michael. “For me it’s the most important product to take because you can use it as an all-over face glow, it can be used for contouring, but you can also use it for eyeshadow,” he explains. The warm colour enhances all eye shades and it’s easy to apply: “Either use a bigger brush and do a wash of bronzer across the whole eyelid, or use a smaller, pinpointed brush and use it to really show off the socket area.” Because bronze is a neutral shade, it works with anything from a white tee to a colourful caftan, Michael adds.

A compact bronzer and bronzing brush
The secret to hassle-free holiday make-up is a good bronzer.

And don’t forget your mascara

Black mascara is the ultimate finishing touch for your bronzed glow, says Michael. “It will contrast against the bronze tone and that’s what makes your eyes pop,” he notes. But he recommends steering away from waterproof formulas unless you’re actually going swimming. “They’re very dry, which means they flake easily and can smudge,” Michael says.

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