One big happy Jetstar family

Here at Jetstar we all feel like family, but some of us actually are. In honour of Mother’s Day, we talk to some proud mums and kids about working and flying together.

Jetstar cabin crew talking to a passenger
  • Jetstar
  • May 2017

Ayasha and Mariah Hatchard

Position: Cabin Manager Ayasha Hatchard and her Cabin Crew daughter Mariah Hatchard

Location: Adelaide

Ayasha and Mariah Hatchard

What’s it like working with family?

A: Jetstar is my work family, so having my daughter, Mariah, working with me seems more like home.

M: Working with my mum is amazing – it’s like working with my best friend!

Do other staff know you’re related?

A: Absolutely. I’m so proud, I’ve told everybody who is willing to listen. Most people are surprised I have a daughter old enough to be working at Jetstar – it must be because of my youthful looks (laughs).

Do you ever cross paths at work?

M: Yes! We had our first shift together the other week – and it was by accident. Someone had called in sick on mum’s Perth return shift so I took their place. The captain made an announcement letting all the passengers know that we are mother and daughter, and the passengers burst into applause!

Is flying in the family?

A: My dad used to be a commercial pilot, flying smaller aircraft in Canada. That is where I developed my passion for flying, accompanying him in the flight deck. In fact, as a child I spent more time in planes than in cars.

What’s great about working at Jetstar?

A: Where do I start? Not only do I get to travel for work, I am inspired by great crew – so many of them bring something special to our day and our customers’ experience. Even before Mariah started, I always felt like I’m working with family.

M: The whole team dynamic at Jetstar is fantastic!

Who wears the uniform better?

A: Me, of course (laughs). I suppose it depends on which one of us you ask.

M: I do, definitely!

Joy and Kerryn Gonsalves

Position: Customer Service Officer Joy Gonsalves and her daughter Kerryn Gonsalves, Performance Manager Customer Care

Location: Melbourne

Joy and Kerryn Gonsalves

Do other staff know you’re related?

K: Pretty much everyone who checks in at Melbourne Airport from the Melbourne office comes to work and says, “Hey Kerryn, your mum checked me in the other day!” People get a kick out of the fact that my mum is also working for Jetstar.

Do you ever work shifts together? Or cross paths?

J: Kerryn moved to HQ before I started at Melbourne Airport, so we never actually worked together. She was out of uniform and it was my turn to don the black and orange. We still share many happy memories about times at Jetstar, and I now work with colleagues who Kerryn trained and worked with.

What’s great about working at Jetstar?

K: There is always something happening and it feels like everyone is working towards a common goal. I also love that as a 19-year-old I was given an opportunity and then my mum was given the same opportunity at 51. I may be biased, but I think Jetstar made a good investment!

How has your child inspired you?

J: I was reaching a point in my life where I was looking for a new challenge but lacked the confidence to try new things. It was Kerryn’s belief in my abilities that inspired me to apply for a job at Jetstar. It changed my outlook on life. Until I started at Jetstar I had never flown overseas. So, at the grand old age of 51 I obtained my first passport ever and together we ventured on our first big journey together to Hawaii.

What has your mother taught you?

K: Mum has taught me so much. She has taught me that it is never too late to give something a try. I knew she would be awesome, so when I left the role at the airport, I said to her, “You should be working out there. You would be great!” And I was right. In my current role, I get to read customer compliments about staff, and I really get a kick out of seeing a compliment from a customer about my mum. It makes me very proud!

Vicki and Alex Trillini

Position: Cabin Crew Base Manager Assistant Vicki Trillini and her son Alex Trillini, Ramp Services

Location: Sydney

Vicki and Alex Trillini

Who started working at Jetstar first?

A: Mum. She started at Impulse Airlines 17 years ago, which eventually became Jetstar, so you could say Vic is part of the furniture here.

What’s it like working with family?

V: To have my son working and sharing experiences with our Jetstar family is a really nice feeling.

What’s great about working at Jetstar?

V: The career I have chosen with Jetstar is perfect for me. Enjoying time with young enthusiastic crew, who I consider to be my extended family, keeps me young – if only in my mind!

A: I really enjoy working at Jetstar, it is like a big family. I have formed great friendships and had many amazing experiences while working here.

Who wears the uniform better?

V: Alex…he has a better body than this old girl!

A: Me hands down!

Is there any chance Alex may end up as your boss?

V: I would love this and I would be more than happy to take orders from Alex… but only at work (laughs).

Are you proud to work with family?

V: Yes, it is a great feeling to see our son enthusiastic and positive in the work place. I am incredibly proud of him.

How has your mum inspired you?

A: Mum has definitely taught me so much, especially the importance of having fun, and having love and respect for one another. She is an inspiration to me – how she gets up at 2am every day for work and how she has supported our family. I love and admire her.