Flight attendant dream comes true for woman with Down syndrome

  • Elizabeth Muling
  • April 2019

Georgia Knoll has Down Syndrome and has always wanted to work as a member of a cabin crew, so when our staff heard about Georgia’s dream they invited her to join the team for a day.

The 25-year-old spent time learning the ropes and meeting crew and pilots at Brisbane Airport, before receiving her uniform and “wings” a badge given to cabin crew before they take their first flight. Georgia then officially joined the team, welcoming customers on-board, assisting with the safety briefing and delivering meal service on a flight back to her home town of Mackay in Queensland.

Jetstar Cabin Crew Manager, Nicky said having Georgia as part of the team for the day was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

“Georgia is so full of life and is great with our customers, she was such a fantastic addition to our team and we all felt so lucky to have her spend the day with us.”

Georgia said that she is passionate about advocating for people living with a disability, which is part of the reason why she wanted to try working as a member of a cabin crew.

“Being a flight attendant is [about] making people happy,” Georgia said.

“I’m just trying to break through barriers, push everything aside and be yourself”.