Enjoy Australia–New Zealand travel: get out and explore

Stunning outdoor artworks invite Aussies and Kiwis to get out and explore the natural beauty on their doorstep.

‘Available for a limited time only’ sand art by Edward ‘Banksy of Barwon Heads’ on Great Ocean Road beach, Victoria, Australia.
  • Jetstar
  • April 2021

As we celebrate the return of quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar and local artists are encouraging Aussies and Kiwis to embrace the opportunity to travel and explore the two countries.

The artists created stunning outdoor artworks in Auckland, Sydney and on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, to showcase their backyards and inspire travellers to get out and explore Australia and New Zealand while they have it to themselves ‘for a limited time only’.

Artist: David Hilliam, aka “Beach Tagger’
Location: Piha Beach, Auckland

Available for a limited time only’ sand art by David Hilliam on Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand.

“I’ve been creating beach art now for about five years. This artwork has taken me about three and a half hours which is a record for me. Usually, by about two hours I’ve run out of steam. This feels like a special project. Piha is my local beach. It’s beautiful, as is the whole of Auckland. I can understand why both New Zealanders not from around here, and Australians across the pond would want to come. It’s a special place, and we’re happy to share it.

“I created the sand art by with a garden leaf rake after using string lines to measure everything into perfect proportions. After three practice sessions and a dress rehearsal, we completed the artwork which ended up 25 metres in width and 15 metres in height.”

Artist: Apparition
Location: Rooftop, Sydney CBD

‘Available for a limited time only’ painted mural by Apparition on Sydney CBD rooftop, Australia.’

“Something we love about Sydney is that you can get the hustle and bustle with the music and culture and we are also so close to the beach. This piece measures 50 metres by 30 metres and took a team of six artists 18 hours to paint.”

Great Ocean Road
Artist: Edward, the ‘Banksy of Barwon Heads’
Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria

‘Available for a limited time only’ sand art by Edward ‘Banksy of Barwon Heads’ on Great Ocean Road beach, Victoria, Australia.

“The Great Ocean Road is a pretty magical place right now. Over the last year, the beaches have been quieter. There are more waves to share and it's easier to hear the ripple of the ocean. I reckon any Aussie or Kiwi who has the chance, should come on down to the Great Ocean Road. It's available now, for a limited time only for us to enjoy all to ourselves.”

“This sand art is the largest art of its kind. Taking up 90 metres in width and 40 metres in height. I created it with a purpose build sand rake over two and a half hours.”

Alan McIntyre, Chief Customer Officer at Jetstar Airways says: “We are extremely fortunate to have some of the world’s most diverse attractions right here on our doorstep. And we’re excited to be working with local artists to showcase their backyards and inspire more people to get out and explore more of Australia and New Zealand.

The opening of the trans-Tasman bubble is an important milestone, and we are looking forward to more international travel in the future. But right now, we have a unique opportunity to spend more time discovering and enjoying our two countries and we hope our low fares and this campaign will encourage more people to do just that.”

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