Find out where Melbourne chef Guy Grossi loves to eat

The Italian chef lets us in on his favourite places to eat and drink in his home city (PS: You might be surprised)!

Master of Italian cuisine Guy Grossi loves rich flavours
  • Larissa Dubecki
  • May 2019

The Italian food scene in Melbourne is synonymous with the Grossi name and this devoted chef is at the helm of an ever-growing restaurant empire opens in new window that started with Grossi Florentino opens in new window way back in 1999 and has recently gone bi-coastal with the addition of Garum in Perth.

Where do you go for your coffee fix?

I only really have coffee out on the weekend as most days the guys in the Cellar Bar make me one before I start work. If I’m taking my dog Maximus to the park or river in Richmond on the weekend though, I usually stop at A Thousand Blessings opens in new window for a coffee.

What is your favourite restaurant in Australia?

France-Soir opens in new window. It’s just so good. It’s always the same, has been for years... You know exactly what you are going to get, it’s always delicious, they look after you with warm, relaxed hospitality and you just have a good time when you’re there. If it’s a sunny day, I love the new Elwood Bathers opens in new window with its simple food, relaxed service and that view. I could sit there for hours.

What is one dish that has transformed your life?

It would have to be something that Mum or Dad cooked. I can still remember my first osso buco with risotto Milanese that my mum cooked. I remember sucking the marrow out of the bone in the centre and loving it and soaking all the sauce up in the yellow rice. After that, every time I knew it was cooking I’d go into the pot and suck the bone marrow out of the bones and turn them upside down so Mum wouldn’t notice they were hollow. I got in trouble but it was worth it. I think these memories significantly contributed to my love of food and cooking so I’d say they transformed my life.

Tell us about a hidden gem in your neighbourhood that no one knows about?

I’m not sure that anything goes unnoticed in Melbourne but a little hidden gem that I love is Atlas Vinifera opens in new window in Richmond. I often stop in to buy a bottle of wine to take home, it’s a great little bottle shop/wine bar and the team are so friendly.

Look no further than Atlas Vinifera for a bottle to pair with great food.
Look no further than Atlas Vinifera for a bottle to pair with great food.

What would be your desert island meal?

I’d have to go with one of the classics, pasta ragu. Probably bolognese.

And your favourite ingredient to see on a menu?

I love offal. Anytime I see sweetbreads or hearts or something I get really excited. I go straight for them.