The one thing you should add to a family holiday

Want to ramp up the holiday fun for the kids? Here are some neat ideas to add some wonder to a trip and turn them into life-long travellers.

Kids building sandcastle
  • Jane Ormond
  • May 2018

Remember when you got invited to birthday parties as a kid, and you’d turn up to find they’d organised a rockin’ treasure hunt? Who didn’t love upending cushions or looking behind plant pots in search of hidden bounty? It’s a concept that makes kids investigative and curious – perfect qualities for budding travellers.

kids snorkeling on the reef
Kids snorkeling on the reef, Cairns, Queensland

So if you’re taking a family holiday to Queensland – say, Cairns, or maybe the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast - why not add an extra layer of fun for the kids and create a travel treasure hunt for them? Travelling is all about keeping your eyes open and noticing new things, and this is one surefire way to get them thrilling to their surrounds.

Why not buy a small notebook, print out and stick in pictures of things they’re likely to see on holiday and, when they spot them, you can snap them with their travel treasure and stick it in the notebook when you get home. It’ll make a fun keepsake and turn them into wide-eyed travellers for sure.

Crystal cascades waterfall
Crystal Cascades waterfall, Cairns, Queensland

Here are some things they could look for:

  • a sandcastle (the bigger, the better!)
  • a colourful surfboard
  • coral reef
  • native wildlife – they might spot a goanna, a bush turkey, even a koala or a wombat!
  • team beach sports – think beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach tennis
  • snorkels and goggles
  • a bright beach umbrella
  • people doing yoga on the beach
  • hot air balloons
  • a waterfall
  • bright butterflies
  • the Big Captain Cook
  • treetop walkways.

You could even double-down on the fun if your travels coincide with a family member’s birthday (always a good reason to get away) and make a mini treasure hunt of souvenirs and gifts at your accommodation and surrounds. Hey, who wouldn’t want to find a keyring of the Big Pineapple, right?!