Travel hacks that will change how you holiday

A great holiday starts before you leave home. Try these pre-trip tips and get set for a stress-free getaway.

Get peace of mind with these expert holiday planning hacks.
  • Jetstar
  • June 2019
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Put the time in to plan and prepare before your trip starts and you will reap the rewards with a holiday that is as memorable as it is hassle-free. Here are six smart tips to follow, to ensure you have a great time.

Use social media for planning

The way we plan has changed; Google and Instagram have made you your own travel agent. So put the power into your palm and utilise Instagram Collections. Create a collection for each destination and bookmark accommodation, cafés and photo spots you love. Not sure what to search? Check out geotags first and find people and businesses that have posted recently.

Keep your valuables safe

Cover the things your intuition can’t. Unless you’ve got Brutus, the world’s best guard dog at home, a little bit of video surveillance goes a long way towards holiday peace-of-mind. Hook up a smart camera to keep an eye on your house via a live feed. In some models, you can even beam your booming voice over Wi-Fi to scare off that snooper. Then banish all worry about the valuables you’ve got with you by tagging your bags and tech with a tracker like Tile opens in new window.

Smart security cameras help you keep an eye on your home while you're away
Smart security cameras help you keep an eye on your home while you're away.

Up your people skills

Make sure you mingle if you truly want to experience the local culture but go further than using a local guide or chatting with the bartender. Pre-book a language class, plan to do something domestic – like getting a haircut – and seek out indie arts performances for a different spin on the destination you might only otherwise experience through its “sights”.

Pack smart and light

There are myriad packing checklists and apps to tell you what you need to bring on a trip but put a stylist’s spin on things by planning and packing outfits according to what you are doing each day. Bonus points for mix-and-match combos that reduce the load. Don’t forget to check the weather!

Prep your paperwork

Future-proof your holiday by making sure you book travel insurance so you are prepared for any unexpected surprises, and don’t forget to share the policy details with your family before you go. Check it will cover the adventures you’ve got planned and also print a hard copy to pack with a photocopy of your passport, accommodation and flight details.

Booking travel insurance will ensure everyone is happy and relaxed on holiday
Booking travel insurance will ensure everyone is happy and relaxed on holiday.

Stay on top of your health

Holidays aren’t always health retreats but your smartphone can help you stay at least semi-virtuous on the go. Most smartphones have health apps built in (or you can easily download them) to track your daily steps and sleep patterns. Pack probiotics to wage an inner battle with bugs and take time out for meditation or breathing exercises. Yes, you can do them with a cocktail in hand. Life is about balance, after all.

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