Are these the coolest Easter treats ever?

Calling all chocoholics - it’s time for the annual chocolate binge, when too much of the sweet stuff is never enough. Don't miss these trending treats this Easter!

Giapo's stacks of easter eggs taste as good as they look
  • Kaitlyn Palmer-Allen
  • March 2019

The most delightful treats worth hunting down these holidays aren’t your run-of-the-mill chocolates eggs… there’s textured chocolate, a special Easter drink and even a game to be had. You're welcome!

The Golden Wattle Egg

Everybody loves the Cadbury Creme Egg but we’ve found a new favourite – the Golden Wattle Egg, a drinkable take on the special treat from Sydney’s T Totaler opens in new window. Leading up to Easter, the tea bar will be serving chocolate eggshells filled with smooth, chilled wattleseed tea custard, topped off with a golden caramel “yolk”. Sip away and enjoy, then devour your chocolate cup. But get in quick – it’ll disappear after the Easter long weekend.

Take a sip from an easter egg at T Totaler
Take a sip from an easter egg at T Totaler.

Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio Bunny

It’s the official Easter mascot but this Belgian milk chocolate bunny from Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio opens in new window in Melbourne is almost too cute to eat. He’s got everything going for him: taste, design, texture and a great, big white-chocolate carrot. The bunny’s fuzzy exterior is created using a milk chocolate spray. We can’t argue with chocolate on chocolate – this little fella can hop to the top of our wish list.

These adorable bunnies make special gifts
These adorable bunnies make special gifts.

Giapo Ice Cream Eggs

Forget the Easter egg hunt in the backyard, there’s a new game to play. Auckland ice cream kitchen Giapo opens in new window has created an Easter-inspired version of Tu Kohatu, the traditional Maori stone stacking game. To join the fun, you’ll need their set of seven ice cream-filled, stone-shaped chocolate eggs and permission to play with your food. Balance one on top of the other as high as you can before they’re gobbled up. Go!