All you need to know about the office of the future

The experts share their insights into the trends that will shape what modern workplaces will look like.

Two colleagues talking at work
  • Alexandra Carlton
  • January 2020

Will the office of the future have doppelganger robots doing our jobs while we take home the pay? Fingers crossed. Failing that…

What will workplaces of the future actually be like?

We do know that we’ll soon have five generations working under the same roof and employers will have to try harder to attract and retain them. According to Bryan Froud, Workplace Strategy Director at global real estate services provider consultants JLL, tomorrow’s office will be a place where you leave feeling more fulfilled than when you arrived. Natural light, sustainability, wellbeing and flexibility will all be key. “We’re likely to see fewer desks, more green space and an emphasis on social causes,” Bryan says. For some offices, the future is now. Co-working and serviced offices group Workspaces recently introduced standing desks, exercise mats, balance balls and mini exercise bikes to their Queensland office and have plans to roll them out nationwide.

A man working on a lap top at a stand up desk
With the increasing importance of wellbeing, standing desks are set to become more commonplace.

Next-gen meetings

Anyone who’s ever sat through a pointless “catch up” meeting will know what a frustrating time-suck they can be. JLL’s Bryan Froud predicts that in the future, agile project management tools will be more widely adopted so everyone can keep track of tasks without drumming their fingers on a boardroom table. “Rather than spending hours talking about where people are up to or what they’re doing, you’ll only meet when you’re stuck or need help,” he says. “And then, when a task is finished, you’ll meet to celebrate.”

Is this Australia’s most future-focused office?

The Sydney offices of graphic design group Canva are kitted out with so many personal touches that make their employees’ lives happier and easier, it’s a wonder they don’t move in. Each day, full-time chefs prepare breakfast and lunch for staff, featuring fresh ingredients from the company’s sustainable farm. Employees have access to an in-house gym and rooftop yoga, and during birthdays, they spin the “birthday wheel” which could net them a wine and cheese hamper or Gelato Messina vouchers.

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